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Dark lord

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Nano Nano - Wizard Of Oz
Dark lord
The Prompt: Moon

The Goal: Write something that has to do with "moon." It could be the moon, it could be mooning for or over someone, it could be frat boys mooning passing cars. Whatever.

The Catch: You MUST make some use of a color other than white or silver (though they can be in there too).

Wizard Of Oz
by alloy (with apologies to Frank Baum)
244 words

The first thing you notice on arrival in Lunar Port is the Emerald City.

Some Earthers ask if it’s an alien structure, something us Lunies have unearthed in our time on the moon.

It’s true inhabitants of the Emerald city are by earth standards, a strange alien bunch.

Of slight build the average inhabitant stands 10 feet tall. They may seem fragile and on earth they would be, but they can tolerant low and zero pressure far better for far longer anyone born on earth ever could. Their food requirements are less, requiring far less protein to function and generally they move with a slow, languid tranquility.

Ironic perhaps, because that’s where the emerald city lies: In the Sea of Tranquility.

The biggest difference lies in attitude.

Most of Emerald City lies underground and to a certain degree it’s inhabitants exhibit a hive like mindset. Little is spoken of individual rights. Much is spoken on responsibility, and if you don’t like it, someone will soon invite you for a walk outside.

That’s probably why they don’t tolerate Earthers very well. Which is why despite being one of oldest inhabitants of Emerald City I spend my waking hours in Lunar Port trying to explain my world to the tourists.

My name is Oswald Vizgart and I was born on Earth in the American Midwest.

I came to the moon and built Emerald City for my children.

Guess you could say I’m not in Kansas anymore.

Trying for a Heinlein or Simak feel.....thoughts?

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Thoughts? They get in the way.

Seriously though. so much to love in so few words:



Walk Outside if you don't like it.

Not in Kansas anymore.

Wonderful play on words all over the place, and overall imagery that grabs the imagination. I loved it!

Re: Thoughts? They get in the way.

Also, the whole hive mind thing, very interesting in light of the whole Gay Marriage debate yesterday, and the lines between freedom and responsibility.

Re: Thoughts? They get in the way.

Ironically it's the truely free that exhibit the most responsibility.

Re: Thoughts? They get in the way.

I quake in the shadow of the Great Sci-fi masters....but thanks.

I love it. excellent job!

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