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Dark lord

alloy_ Her Master's voice.........

this ego unleashed...

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Reflecto: Fall No More (nano nano)
Dark lord
297 Words which no one will understand. (a different Fandom)

Re-flect, [ri-flekt] - to be reflected or mirrored.

Fall No More.
By alloy.

I am Reflecto.

In the presence of gods, I represent a pale reflection of their glory.

Strength of Superman, speed of the Flash.

I shine with a fraction of their might because a mirror is never perfect.

Something is always lost.

And in their absence I am nothing.

Standing in their presence, the might of Krypton and Mars courses through my veins, of Gaia, of Oceans, of Shadows.

“Go with Batman.”

If they fall I shall fall too. It is a burden a man with too many burdens does not want.

“You need my strength.”

A lie, I have no strength. I am merely a shadow.

“Let the boy go.” His voice, used to his native element, is soft, yet, he is a King.

“It’s time.” The Lord of shadows says softy for few, even in this company, will gainsay him.

“It’s too soon.” Mars says.

How is it that the most alien amongst us feels most like a father to me?

“It’s always too soon J’onn.”

Thus I am bound, for honour is the one thing truly belonging to me.

I am lost.

Green crystals drive the sun from Superman’s body. Wonder Woman is bound by the paradox of truth. Martian Manhunter is seared by the fire of hate.

I fall.

For I am nothing within myself.

Batman’s voice comes to my mind through the will of Aquaman.

“James” my secret name. “Fly J’ames” Why does he say it like that?

“I can’t.” I protest.

“J’ames, the power is within you.”

“The power, I feel the power of others.”

“You are an empath.”

“J’ames.” There is still pain, but the Martian’s mind is strong.

“J’ames, you are my son.”

Warmth like before, but whole, complete.

“Fly my son.”

I am.

I fly.

I fall no more.

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Well, I understood it and I thought it was rather elegant.

one small typo in softy, if you are bothered by such things <\small>

I was thinking of changing the word to "Not Loud"

The cartoon series in on from time to time in the UK, and I've watched it with the kids.

The Man In Black ( hubby ) bought the DVDs because he was tired of seeing episodes out of order. But I can't be a trufan because he watches them mostly while I'm playing on LJ, and we should both be asleep 8-(

I haven't read the comics, but in the TV series I think it is neat the way they balance it so it's not just Superman and sidekicks.

Very nice.

J'ames-nice touch.

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