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Dark lord

alloy_ Her Master's voice.........

this ego unleashed...

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No Confetti
Dark lord
There was no confetti
Not even detritus of mutilated flowers.
There was Bubble Fun,
A fairie wonderland of soapy water
Repetitively recreated for the camera.
We sacrificed a virgin that day.

Innocence not well met.
No knowledge of Eros or man
No knowledge of Bacchus or woman.
A sacrifice to the gods of precious piety
A sacrifice to oats not sown.
Wine not drunk.

He might have been a gentle lover.
Perhaps he was, but Athena's time
Was taken by the priestess, who, when tired
Of demanding temple taxes
Required a hand maiden
It was not man that put asunder.

Gentle or not he was cast aside
Blameless? Perhaps not
A beast? He was not before, why now?
The virgin, a vessel not tempered
A soul lost wandering with
Shattered purpose

There was no confetti
The marriage like a fragile soap bubble
Only a soap stain remains.

(c)2006 Marc Sparks