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Dark lord

alloy_ Her Master's voice.........

this ego unleashed...

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Title: Slow Burn
Author: alloy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 120 (I just couldn't trim any more)
Pairing: Gen+R/Hr
Outtake: Midnight Confessions

Slow Burn.
By alloy

Annoying little girl.
His brother’s friend.
So he looked closer
To see what his brother saw.


Talent, skill and passion.
He felt frightened.
For his brother.
For himself.


Sad she had chosen another.
Surprised at his mother.
She was angry.
But friendship remained.


Tragedy unveiled her secret heart of hearts.


For his brother.

When he was asked, he aided.
Was proud and happy and elated.
He witnessed, was vindicated, and affirmed.

Was sad.

On this hot summer day
Her belly swollen with his brother’s child
On his skin her lingering touch.

The woman gestures, “Come on George”
Waves the bottle. “You need this as well.”
Hermione’s fingers on his freckled back.

It burns just a little.

A little jab (friendly) to the "Any other weasley"/Hermione shippers.

George is next in line.

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this could be my favourite you know... even though it's a jab.

Well it's more a jab at Hermione/Percy than anyone else.

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