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Dark lord

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Things were Perfect
Dark lord
This was written ages ago, but I never thought it good enough to submit for publication.

It's OBHWF- from Arthur's POV....loses a bit of steam in the end I think...unbeta'd yada yada yada

Arthur Weasley wandered into the Burrow living room with a plain brown wrapped package under his arm. He sat down at the end of his favourite couch, and glanced around. He pointed his wand at the coffee table.


The coffee table made it’s way across the room. Arthur winced at the grinding noise it made on the floor, and holding his breath checked the entrances to the room. Nothing stirred.

Signing Arthur lifted his feet onto the table. There were altogether too many women living in the burrow, especially during summer holidays, and none of them approved of him abusing the furniture in this fashion.

He thought he had them beat, seven men, himself and his six sons, certainly outnumbered his wife and sole daughter, but sons had this tendency to get married.

Reasonably certain that he would be undisturbed he extracted a magazine from the plain wrapper, and settled down to read Popular Mechanics.

The nudge against his legs became a shove, and Arthur glanced up at the young witch, not even looking at him, her nose wedged in a book. “Move.” She said firmly, so he did.

She sat down next to him, curling her legs under her, her eyes still firmly in the book she leant against him for balance. They sat there for a moment in casual intimacy, each reading, and after a while he lifted his legs onto the table again.

She slapped his legs without looking, and he winced hardly believing she could hit so hard. “Ronald.” She said. “Get your feet off the furniture.”

“I’m not Ronald.” He said.

She leap away from him, as if scalded, “Mr. Weasley, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize…” Arthur watched intrigued as her mind seemed to change in mid thought, she seemed almost curious, “You smell like Ron.” She blushed, blood red, and hid her face with her book.

“Hermione dear.” Arthur said gently. “First off, it’s not ‘Mr. Weasley’, it’s Arthur, or if that makes you uncomfortable, ‘Dad.’” He paused thoughtfully. “Angelina calls me ‘Pops’, I quite like that, and second of all, it’s not unreasonable for Ron to smell a bit like me.” Arthur forced the book down and smiled at her.

“Er.. I’m sorry I ‘snuggled’ up to you.”

“No need to be sorry dear, Ginny ‘snuggles’ all the time. It’s pleasant to share that human contact.” He patted the couch next to him. “So snuggle up dear, and let’s carry on with our reading.” He placed his feet the table, and watched the interesting conflict on her face. “You’re not Molly.” He said. “You only get to bully Ron.”

“Yes Pops” she said, and cautiously resumed her previous position. After a while he felt her relax, and he gently tousled her hair, getting a snort in response.

“Hey Pops, Hey Hermione.” Angelina entered the living room from the stairs. “It’s official.” She said, turning to show her profile. “Your son has ruined my figure.”

“Are you still feeling tired?” Hermione asked.

“Not at all, no morning sickness either, feel fit enough for Quiddich.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll be good. You’re worse than Fred, and he’s like a bloody mother Hippogriff.”

“It’s not unusual for a prospective father to become overly protective of his partner, and unborn child. This protectiveness will often extend to people not normally deemed to be a threat, but will usually not include family members.” Arthur Weasley looked up from his copy of ‘Your pregnancy’, “So Fred’s actions are perfectly normal for an expectant father.”

“Fred’s never been normal, and neither has George.” Said Katie as she entered the room. She too was showing the early signs of motherhood.

“Budge Granger.” And Hermione who had stretched out along the couch pulled her legs back under her to make space for her sister-in-law.

“What you got there Pops?” said Katie gesturing to the brown packet.

“Muggle magazines.” Arthur replied. “Hermione’s father sends them to me when he gets new ones for his waiting room.

“Oooh any sports ones then?” asked Angelina, and began to scrabble through the pile. She found two tattered copies of ‘Sports Illustrated’, and tossed one to Katie.

“Mmmmmmmmmm” said Katie. “Have a look at that Granger.”

“South Africa’s stars from the Pool in Athens, Ryk Neethling, and Roland Schoeman.” Hermione read dutifully.

“Look at the pictures silly.” Said Katie pointing to two young men in small swimming costumes.

Hermione blushed, and returned her eyes to her book. “No freckles.” She muttered.

Angelina looked at the photo more appreciatively. “You know Katie our men have become decidedly podgy of late.” Katie nodded in agreement.

“Swimming seems to produce good results.” She said.

Arthur lifted his magazine to look at his own tummy, and wondered if he should take a trip to the Ministry Swimming pool at lunchtime.

“Don’t worry Dad.” Said Penelope as she emerged from the kitchen, a small red headed child asleep in her arms. “Grandpa’s are supposed to be cuddly.” Arthur put his reading aside to take a very tired Peter Weasley into his lap. “I’ve put the kettle on, anyone fancy a cuppa.” She said.

Everyone responded in the affirmative including Fleur who walked in at that moment followed by a strawberry blond toddler. “My Grandpa!” the little girl said, and ran to Arthur.

“Now, now Arial, there’s room for both of you on Grandpa’s lap. You have to learn to share.” Said Arthur adjusting both children into comfortable positions.

“Not for much longer.” (Insert cheesy French accent here) said Fleur. “Hermione will have to set up a time table.”

Everyone laughed, and Arthur settled into the couch.

“Where’s Sally.” He asked. They had only met Charlie’s wife yesterday, but Arthur had immediately liking the big plain blond girl with rough dragon burnt hands.

“I’m here Uncle Arthur.” And a head appeared next to Penelope. “Just giving Penny a hand.”

“Come through dear when you’re through.”

Penny & Sally came through, and began dispensing the tea. Hermione thoughtfully put an anti-spill charm on Arthur’s cup, thereby protecting her nephew and niece from possible burns and Penny sat down and pulled out her knitting, producing a seemingly endless supply of perfect woolen booties for the anticipated arrivals. Hermione sighed, remembering her own less than perfect attempts at that skill. Katie looked up caught her eye. “Don’t worry Granger, Harry’s nutty elf still wears your hats.”

Meanwhile Sally began sewing a new pair of Dragon hide pants for Charlie. She was a big girl, taller than anyone except Ron, and had been very nervous entering the Burrow for the first time. A needless worry in the Weasley house.

Girls were different, Arthur had realised that when his daughter had been born, softer perhaps, though not in a weak sense. The young witch snuggled next to him had been the first to visit the Burrow. Arthur chuckled as he remembered his youngest son’s adamant insistence that Hermione be invited to the World Cup. He and Molly had known even then that Ron was smitten. Fred had written later that year to tell them of his relationship with Angelina. George had kept his relationship with Katie a secret from anyone except his twin, though Ginny was unsurprised when they finally eloped.

Percy…Percy was hard to think about, he had become estranged from the family after his unexpected promotion to the Minister’s office, estranged from his long time girlfriend too. He had owled his father requesting a meeting after the Ministry finally acknowledged Voldemort’s return. He had reconciled with Penny he said, and wished to return to the family. Two days later, barely hours before he was to meet Arthur for breakfast, he had disappeared. Penny had only found out about her pregnancy weeks later.

Fleur was something of an enigma. Hermione had taken umbrage to the manner in which her Veela powers seemed to manupulate Ron, and the twins. Ron himself had taken action to avoid contact with her. He had explained to his father later, that he had felt dirty, and used. Thankfully Fleur’s effect on him had faded as he openly began to acknowledge his feelings for Hermione, and her powers seemed to disappear after the birth of Arial, thereby dispelling the notion that Bill had been under her spell all along.

Now Sally was a mystery. Not completely, Arthur knew it took a special kind of woman to capture his son’s heart, she had to have strength courage and conviction, and he was certain he would see these attributes before the summer had passed.

Arthur smiled to himself, surrounded by daughters he never had. Grandchildren in his arms; things were almost perfect.

“Hi Dad.” His youngest, Ginevra, her warm embrace, as she places a kiss on his cheek. “Better get your feet off the table, before Mum…”


Things were perfect.


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Oh, this is just lovely.

That said, I'll givwe you money to remove the embedded author's not about Fleur's accent... ;^)

Give the money to Kelly, she does a great Fleur

THIS is lovely. It's just how I would imagine it and Arthur Weasley is likely in daughter/grandchild heaven.

You have a really wonderful way with both Arthur AND Molly that kind of boggles the mind when I think about the sex you can write...lol.

I love it!

Lovely! That's the word. A few bumps, but more than enough excellent interaction to make up for it. A sweet hopeful way to look at Post-War life in the Weasley household

I like the way the story started and ended with the same thing. "Get your feet off the furniture." Classic.

The descriptions were great and the way he looks at each girl as an indivual was wonderful.

Why did you never post this??

Like I said, I didn't think it was good enough....though if you look carefully you can see elements which became part of Confessions.

Sloth, Greed, Wrath, Gluttony, Malice and...um...

I'm jealous of your Arthur, you've given him a good life.

Nice pick-me-up on a work day.


Re: Sloth, Greed, Wrath, Gluttony, Malice and...um...

It's a future he's worked for too.

i just love the 'male voice' in fan fic.
makes me feel all gooey-and-warm-fuzzy-and-cuddle-my-babies inside.

glad you posted it.


I. Love. Arthur. And you do you great job writing him.

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