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Dark lord

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Poetry - wheres and why fores
Dark lord
Poetry doesn't just come out of thin air, not for me it doesn't, so I suppose I do admire those that are studying and are expected to come up with Portfolio's at the drop of a hat.

One such young lady is to be found here :


and what I found is that her work challenges me to write my own....

Case in point, this is my response to her poem:

"To Gala Dalí – on the night you died."

Gala Dali : Madonna and Child

In the beginning
A red haze of darkness
Then a thump
A surge of life
with each beat of our mother's heart

We don't remember this.

Nor do we remember the bright light of birth,
The slap on the backside and the first screaming breath we take.

We remember suckling, not conciously
but we craved for the warmth that sooths our belly
The soft comforting cushions that cradle us
The expanse of bounty that fills our sight.

How jealous we are of Anna
She that steals it from us.
Remember Anna?

Is it fair?
For girls become woman
Become what they cannot remember.
Boys become men
Boys become craving


You let me sup from your bosom
Without jealously I share my generous muse
You made me as a mother
loved as a lover

I made you as immortal as I could
As any man could make a woman.
My Venus, my Aphrodite.
My muse.

Now the hills where I lingered, played
Rise no more,
The path to rapture is forever closed.
I set the sentinals to guard you
and though you are within plain sight
I am blind.

Gala Madonna and Child

(c) 2006 Marc Sparks

In case any body's wondering, (and don't worry I had to google her) Gala Dali was Salvador Dali's wife and muse.

(If you don't know who Salvador Dali is, SHAME ON YOU!

I learned about him from a Roy Thomas Comic (Roy Thomas is a writer BTW).

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You learn something new every day. (Yes, I'm one of the 'shame on me' people, because I had to google him.)

More importantly did you know who Roy Thomas was?

I do now. Prior to 5 minutes ago, the only thing I knew about comic books is what I've seen in movies. :)

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