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Dark lord

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this ego unleashed...

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Comrades Marathon
On the 16th of June every year a group of befuddled individuals rise very early and run between the cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg (one way or the other alternating annually).

It's a distance of about 90kms (about 56 miles), and this year I will be doing it.

No I won't be running it, unlike Mr Fitz my legs aren't that defined, and I'd probably keel over after the first kilometre. (within a mile)

No no I shall be rubbing legs at roughly the halfway mark.

That doesn't sound too unpleasant, but the vast majority of the runners are men (OK perhaps to most of my flist this still doesn't sound to unpleasant) with hairy legs.

Now I'm not adverse to rubbing a ladies leg (or occassionally pulling it), nor with the prospect of free alchohol at the end of the day would I shy (too much) away from rubbing say Mr Fitz's clean shaven legs, but rubbing hairy male legs with vaseline, (even with gloves on)....well...lets just say it's unpleasant.

We're not getting paid, though we will be fed, but damnit this will be my community service dues paid up until the end of the year.

is the official website, and if you're insane enough to want to run this race....well there's always the prospect of a free leg rub from me. (make sure your legs are clean shaven pleeeeeeese)

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It won't be all that bad. You have gloves, and vaseline, and you can do a voice post later and we will all drool with the description...

gloves & vasoline....

be cautious Mr Maple, very cautious

Re: gloves & vasoline....


Well Mr Alloy, you keep an eye out for a tall freckled red head and a brunette with green eyes and I'll watch you at work.... heh

Ohh. Yes darling...didn't I tell you that I'd signed up for this?????

You wear a pink carnation in your vest so I'll know it's you, K? :-)

By the way...happiest of happy birthdays to you my dear.

Thankyou for your wishes.

I'll certainly do you the honours, but remember, I'm at about the 27 mile mark.

Of course you could just cheat....

Angela, what time are we meeting at the airport???

Who cares what we talk about, I'll just listen and get the goofy grin on my face! :)

and what will you talk about while you rub our legs?

Do you really care what I talk about when I rub your legs?

nope. just making conversation.

I could wind up rubbing Jeremy's legs ;-(

Happy Birthday Alloy!!!!!!

I hope the Mrs and Avatar spoil you before you have to go and give a rub down to sweaty men! hahahahaha

wow now that is a race- and free leg rub- alas if only I didn't have mono.

Happy Birthday!

There's always next year, and it's a race of international prestige

A race of international prestige??? It's a race of insanity!! Hills, dales, roads, humidity ... and how many kms again? Madness, absolute Bloody Madness!

Good luck with the legs. I hope you don't get too many gorillas to deal with. When the hair starts to ball up and your hands go numb with rubbing... even a sexy pair of legs just doesn't cut it anymore.

Have fun! *winces on your behalf*

Rest assured I'll never actually run the damn thing.

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