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Dark lord

alloy_ Her Master's voice.........

this ego unleashed...

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Dark lord
Am I perhaps abandoned?
Has my fickle mistress
(So forward on her arrival)
Slipped away again.
(like she has so often)
Quietly without whimper
(abandoning me in total)

Will she come again
as always disguised
To tease me with my delusions
grandeur, talent, worth
am I boring naughty Warwick girls? / California Girls

(c)2006 Marc Sparks

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But that last comment was from me.
BTW I 'friended you'

Re: Forgot to log in

Thanks for the kind words.

Hey, Marc! Finally making it over here to comment. I like your stories better than your poetry, but don't take that too much to heart. I really, really, really like your stories and I'm not much of a poetry fan. So there ya go. :D I've added you to my flist.

Grace :D

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