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Sweet Tooth

Written for thesteppyone.

Sweet Tooth
by alloy
Prompt: smarties

It was about terms of endearments

Or endear-mints, Hermione sometimes wondered.

Endear-mints were the sort of wizard confectionary that whispered sweet nothings to you before you consumed.

"Great for post breakup blues." Lavender had confided once, before...

Much like the 'Complimentary peanuts' at weddings, always saying nice things about the bride and her entourage.

Men seemed to have terms of endearments which reflected their interests. Mandy Longbottom had once reflected on Neville's botany interests and his overwhelming urges to pollenate.

There were things about Harry potter and broomsticks that Hermione had wished Ginny had remained ever silent about.

And then there was Ron. There was 'nightmare' of course, a reference to sweet which changed texture in your mouth to anything you particularly hated, like tomato, spinach or cucumber. In Hermione's case squashes of any description.

Then there was 'Mione which was her name and perfectly acceptable, if only she hadn't come across 'Moanies' "The talking treat for those who love a nag."

Still, it had been a long time since Ron had called her that! These days he called her "Smartie".

"You feel clever, having eaten a smartie." He had said popping a red one in his mouth.

"Ron, there's no such magical sweet, only the muggle kind."

"There is," Ron replied lifting her robes, "just one." Placing his firm hands on her thighs. "I have to eat it over and over again."

Without reluctance Hermione resigned herself to her candy covered status.

Tags: drabbles
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