August 29th, 2006

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I'm frustrated. I have this rash on my neck and cheeks from the god damn chlorine in the pool. ERRRG. It's not that noticable but I can see it and I hate it and I just want it gone before school. So of course my Mom schedules my appt. for the doctors the day before school. Eh.. whatever, i'll live.

Hm so on the topic of my Mom. She had surgery last Thursday. She was feeling fine afterwards just a little tired and groggy. But the past two days she's been feeling horrible. I feel helpless. My Mom's my bestfriend and I love her to death and I hate seeing her like this =[ It's depressing.

I still feel I need more shirts for school. I hate spending my parents money though.. Maybe i'll take like $100-150 out of my bank account and get some more shirts. I hate all my old clothes, I need to start off new and fresh =)And on the subject of school.. I am yet to get my schedule changed. Which pisses me off sooo much. Blagh. It seems like everyone's schedule is perfect and there's mine.. all nice and fucked up for ya..

So I didn't break up with Dean. I did a lot of thinking about all the shit we've been through and it's just another rough patch. It was like this last year when football started. I guess i'll just see where it goes and if it doesn't work out then it doesn't work out. Everything happens for a reason. And it's not like it will be a smack in the face to me.. i'm expecting it. At least i'm not like other girls that depend on their boyfriends for EVERYTHING. I hate girls that are with their boyfriends 24/7 and all they do is talk about him and when they don't see him for like two days they have a mini panic attack. I mean.. get a fucking life. Sheeesh

Hm, so a reccomendation. Read Marley and Me. It's the cutest and funniest book ever! I'm halfway through and I love it. It's about this guy and his wife and how they raise this golden lab and a family and stuff and it's too cute for words.

So i'm starting to realize that this is a SUPER long post so i'm going to retire my fingers now for the night =}
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