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 I deleted and read my old posts just now. Some of the things that I wrote are so childish even though they are just things that I have written 1 year ago. School, homework and all.... lol.

I've started watching Zettai Kareshi again. As what my sister said, the plot really improved after episode 6. At least now I know the direction that the drama is heading to. 

Last Friends SP is full of recaps. Just downloaded the version with new developments only. Watching it later.


It's been half a year since I last posted! That's Long!

Last Friends ended and I finally know what Last Friends means (I hope)! Last friends = everlasting friends/ forever friends. HAHA~ Masami(her character) mentioned something about this at the end of the drama. The drama started off really gripping, Sousuke's DV actions were really scary but towards the end of the show, the drama mellowed down and somehow it became a nice drama.

I have not finished Gokusen 3 and Zettai Kareshi. Left them at episode 6 or 7. I don't know what direction was Zettai going... the robot is going "more humane" while the girl(cannot remember her name) was still the same with her "he's not my boyfriend!!". It's quite draggy. Gokusen is fun but the plot was the same with the previous seasons.

Change is good. Love the politics that they put in to the drama. However it seems that the Japanese don't really like it. Look at the ratings, it's only 19+ for episode 6. It's falling!! Come on Kimutaku power!!!