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AYU's new PV!

I'm waiting for Glitter to complete loading on Youtube. It should be good. The pictures that I saw about the PV seems good. 

I deleted 2 of my blogs today: one on my dramas and on on my drama reviews. They appeared redundant to me. Think I will just post them here instead. This blog is like a collective blog of all my blogs. My feelings, my normal life and also my interest (dramas). It's good to have this so that I can write everything here. My other blogs are one-sided, targeted at certain people. This is good. =)

Hanazakari no kimitachi e is good but all the events appear so quickly. Maybe I'm used to the Taiwan version where there are so many episodes and they could slowly develop every plot. For the Japan version, everything just happen like that. Still getting use to it. 

Darn, the PV is loading so slowly. Going to find another faster source I guess.