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09 May 2007 @ 04:49 pm
I'm convinced that...  
I'm convinced that no one I know reads this blog. It's kinda good (in some way).

I got a whole lot of homework and a test to study for but i'm procrastinating. Damn, doing this will not get me far and the worst thing is that if I get less then 80% for my chemistry test tomorrow, the teacher's gonna kick me out of her class unless I get 100% for the retest. That's really idiotic of her to do this. Damn her!

I think I'm going to need glasses. I'm seeing things blurry these few days. It must be the effect of too many dramas on my pc. It's so so frustrating that I may need glasses and that I dare not tell my mom cause what she's happy of is that I need not wear glasses. Shoot! 

I drank this merlot wine just now. It's really not that bad 'cause at least I won't get a flustered face after drinking it. 


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