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Music + Dramas

NEWS's Color is pretty cool! I love the overlapping voices at the beginning of Forever. I just loved the effect. Towairo no koi sounds happy-ish. My sis said that it sounded winter-ish. It's a nice song. I don't favour Mola though. I know it's from Yamapi but still... why did he sing in English and the lyrics was so erotic! Oh well...

Going on to my autumn dramas; Kaze no Garden is a calming series, it got the same feel as one of Nino's older drama that was set in Hokkaido. Really peaceful. Oh! My Girl!! together with Celeb to Binbo Taro is a fun watch. I thought that Ueto Aya made a come back with Celeb. Her previous dramas the past 1-2 years were quite crappy. I couldn't watch pass episode 1 for her drama with Shige. It sucked for me.

Regarding Ryuusei no kizuna, I was expecting a dark dark dark drama about 3 kids but what I saw was a rather lighthearted episode 1-3. I couldn't really make sense of the direction of the drama but it was a fun watch. Somehow, it grew darker as the story goes but I got tired watching it somehow. I'm still continuing with this due to the 3 main cast though lol. This drama feels a bit like Propose Daisakusen to me... got tired of it midway but continued and somehow it became a nice watch. I hope it will become a nice drama to watch at the end.

I tried Innocent Love too but gave up after episode 1. Somehow, Maki's solo drama without a strong male cast is not nice to watch. I wonder why...

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