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College Day

Today was college day. It was good. I liked it. Everything was smooth, the choir's rendition of the school's song was nice and it ended off well. =)

Went to study with my friend after that. I managed to finish my math tutorials. It felt GREAT! I love the feeling of being able of complete homeworks. I then thought about the past, about how I studied and got top for so many subjects. It was like a dream as though it never happened. Then I looked at myself now, failing grades, not doing tutorials, not studying for tests, it's such a disgrace. I'm so embarrassed of myself.

Anyhow, I thought over how I will spend my holidays. I will study everyday, go for tution of time allows, attend all hol lessons and do well for dragonboat. Hope I can keep things this way.
Tags: holidays, time management
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