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NEWS's Color is pretty cool! I love the overlapping voices at the beginning of Forever. I just loved the effect. Towairo no koi sounds happy-ish. My sis said that it sounded winter-ish. It's a nice song. I don't favour Mola though. I know it's from Yamapi but still... why did he sing in English and the lyrics was so erotic! Oh well...

Going on to my autumn dramas; Kaze no Garden is a calming series, it got the same feel as one of Nino's older drama that was set in Hokkaido. Really peaceful. Oh! My Girl!! together with Celeb to Binbo Taro is a fun watch. I thought that Ueto Aya made a come back with Celeb. Her previous dramas the past 1-2 years were quite crappy. I couldn't watch pass episode 1 for her drama with Shige. It sucked for me.

Regarding Ryuusei no kizuna, I was expecting a dark dark dark drama about 3 kids but what I saw was a rather lighthearted episode 1-3. I couldn't really make sense of the direction of the drama but it was a fun watch. Somehow, it grew darker as the story goes but I got tired watching it somehow. I'm still continuing with this due to the 3 main cast though lol. This drama feels a bit like Propose Daisakusen to me... got tired of it midway but continued and somehow it became a nice watch. I hope it will become a nice drama to watch at the end.

I tried Innocent Love too but gave up after episode 1. Somehow, Maki's solo drama without a strong male cast is not nice to watch. I wonder why...

与敌同行 Last one standing

TVB's 与敌同行 is a good watch. Love how both Hei and Yin are plotting against each other secretly despite keeping that friendly facade towards each another. The ending should be a good one revealing who's the actual criminal of Hei's case 10 year ago (I think it's Yin). This kind of drama is always refreshing amongst the many family orientated dramas.

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 I deleted and read my old posts just now. Some of the things that I wrote are so childish even though they are just things that I have written 1 year ago. School, homework and all.... lol.

I've started watching Zettai Kareshi again. As what my sister said, the plot really improved after episode 6. At least now I know the direction that the drama is heading to. 

Last Friends SP is full of recaps. Just downloaded the version with new developments only. Watching it later.


It's been half a year since I last posted! That's Long!

Last Friends ended and I finally know what Last Friends means (I hope)! Last friends = everlasting friends/ forever friends. HAHA~ Masami(her character) mentioned something about this at the end of the drama. The drama started off really gripping, Sousuke's DV actions were really scary but towards the end of the show, the drama mellowed down and somehow it became a nice drama.

I have not finished Gokusen 3 and Zettai Kareshi. Left them at episode 6 or 7. I don't know what direction was Zettai going... the robot is going "more humane" while the girl(cannot remember her name) was still the same with her "he's not my boyfriend!!". It's quite draggy. Gokusen is fun but the plot was the same with the previous seasons.

Change is good. Love the politics that they put in to the drama. However it seems that the Japanese don't really like it. Look at the ratings, it's only 19+ for episode 6. It's falling!! Come on Kimutaku power!!!

Dramas to note 2008!

Nodame SP! ... Need I say more? =)
Bara no Nai Hanaya (14th January) ... Katori Shingo x Takeuchi Yuko! I wonder how the chemistry will be like.
Daisuki!!! (17th January) ... Human drama which sometimes can get really good.
Prodai SP! ... Really anticipating it. wonder how the two will end up.
Ryokiteki na Kanojo aka My Sassy Girl (April) ... Japan remake starring Kusanagi. Him as that pitiful guy?!
Gokusen 3 (April) ... The 3rd season!! Another bunch of bad ass kids and Yankumi maybe?
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Reading people's blog makes me inspired to do greater things. It makes me feel that there is so much hope around and the key to success: education. To tell the truth, education is the only way to scale new heights (at this moment). Reading these blogs spurs me on and empower me to push on, just a bit more to achieve and succeed.

I believe in myself and I will need myself to believe in me. (An irony?)

Lee Hom's Change Me

The official site lists the album title as 'Change Me' but I feel that 改變自己 is more suited to be 'Change My Ways'. The style of this album is definitely different. He still impresses though. His musicality is mind blowing! He also paid homage to the Save-the-Earth calling with his title track 'Make A Change'. That song really impressed me. On a side note: Madonna's Hey You is also a good listen. =)

AYU's new PV!

I'm waiting for Glitter to complete loading on Youtube. It should be good. The pictures that I saw about the PV seems good. 

I deleted 2 of my blogs today: one on my dramas and on on my drama reviews. They appeared redundant to me. Think I will just post them here instead. This blog is like a collective blog of all my blogs. My feelings, my normal life and also my interest (dramas). It's good to have this so that I can write everything here. My other blogs are one-sided, targeted at certain people. This is good. =)

Hanazakari no kimitachi e is good but all the events appear so quickly. Maybe I'm used to the Taiwan version where there are so many episodes and they could slowly develop every plot. For the Japan version, everything just happen like that. Still getting use to it. 

Darn, the PV is loading so slowly. Going to find another faster source I guess.


College Day

Today was college day. It was good. I liked it. Everything was smooth, the choir's rendition of the school's song was nice and it ended off well. =)

Went to study with my friend after that. I managed to finish my math tutorials. It felt GREAT! I love the feeling of being able of complete homeworks. I then thought about the past, about how I studied and got top for so many subjects. It was like a dream as though it never happened. Then I looked at myself now, failing grades, not doing tutorials, not studying for tests, it's such a disgrace. I'm so embarrassed of myself.

Anyhow, I thought over how I will spend my holidays. I will study everyday, go for tution of time allows, attend all hol lessons and do well for dragonboat. Hope I can keep things this way.

Homework (as usual)

I got this presentation on clonning to prepare for and i'm suppose to finish it at 6 (it's 5:30 now). Hate presentations 'cause no one will really listen to what you say and I will have to prepare for it.

There's this maths homework to do and the thing is I do not understand anything about it. Sad case.
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