Kisara absently nuzzled the kits, who were sleeping peacefully, curled up against her side. The only time they were still lately, it seemed, was when they were asleep. Thankfully they still did a good bit of that... When they were awake, they got into everything. Luckily they weren't turning her prematurely silver... yet, anyway.

They were perfectly happy, and that was as it should be. Kisara was getting restless again, though, as she was prone to lately. She wasn't entirely certain why.

Maybe because she, well, Irvine mostly, was fretting over the new baby on the way. A human baby, which was something a bit different than the kits. Probably not any harder or easier, just different.

Maybe it was hormones. Those were troublesome sometimes.
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You know, I'm completely within my rights to make those kinds of suggestions. Really I am. I mean, we've seen how many dimensions where the kids are very close in age? Archer and Gaelon's dimensions being the exceptions, and those are both very different from ours at this point.

You'd think that I was suggesting something horrible.
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I need to get out and do something. I don't know what... It's not that the kits are driving me crazy, really. It's the staying in the center so much that's getting to me, I think. I'm just used to... doing things, you know? With my job, I'm usually wishing for some quiet and a chance to just relax for a little while, but I can't take too much of it.

You'd think that a youko like myself would have plenty of opportunity to get into trouble...

Oh, for crying out loud.

Black, buddy...I don't mean to sound as if I've lost faith in you. No, I've been right behind you ever since I met you, and through every crazy plan, which all managed to work out somehow.

But I'm stuggling here, pal, I really am.

Are you entirely sure that this is a good idea?


I dunno, do you think that it would work? And not a word from you, Teena, or you either, koishii, if it's going to be about how Squall and Seifer are just perfect for each other.

Even though I haven't gotten into my other form yet, I already feel like Irvine's getting his groove back, if you'll pardon me. *grins* Or maybe I'm just in a good mood.

Nothing much to elaborate on the kits from what Black said.

They're beautiful.
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(no subject)

*smiles* Well, Kisara finally had her kits on Monday. July 4th...It's never been a holiday that either Irvine or Kisara had much regard for, but now all of the fireworks and such will be considered in celebration of the twins' birthday, no doubt.

They are twins, identical, we presume. We'll find out for sure once they're a little older, but at the moment Kisara wants no one getting too close to them, let alone touching them.

They're blond, oddly enough. Presumably an effect from the chaos. They're perfectly normal otherwise, Kisara has told me.

Hikaru and Taikan are the names. Kisara says that she knows very well which one is must be a motherly thing.
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From work

Kisara's been acting rather strange, lately. Last week I insisted that she stay off from work, even desk duty. She's just too jumpy around anyone at work besides me. In fact, she can only tolerate three people, as of late. Her mate, me, and Alec.

As far as I can tell, she could have her kits any time now.

It would be nice if Ablus and I could move back in sometime soon. I believe that once the kits are a few weeks old, she'll be able to tolerate me living in the center again. She thinks so, but it's hard to say exactly. She does trust me, though, which helps.
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Being pregnant sucks.

Hormones, weight gain, and fatigue, oh my.

Really. I'm getting more edgy around people who I don't know, and I've been rearranging the center more times than I can count. I'm crabby, I'm getting pudgy, and I'm hungry all the time.

In other news, I'm really missing being male every once in a while. Not only because of the hormone and body issues, I just...miss it, I guess. I feel like I'm getting out of touch with my human male side. The cowboy/sharpshooter with a big mouth who's always hitting on the pretty girls. He thinks he's a smooth talker...maybe he is, occasionally.