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adan_'s Journal

12 February
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What to say.. What to say..


Alright.. I'm going to attempt to make this the first journal I actually check into. I _will_ write in it *at least* every other day. 'Cept maybe on weekends, if I'm out or something.


This Journal is dedicated solely to me.

More importantly this journal is dedicated to the stuff inside me that either:

1.) I wish I could say, or
2.) I don't want to say.

Disclaimer: Due to the above, if you're reading this, you may find your name mentioned. Before you read any farther, understand that THERE IS MATERIAL HERE THAT YOU *WON'T* WANT TO READ, and that IT'S PROBABLY ABOUT YOU.

If you don't think you can handle it, please, go read what's in somebody elses' head.

If you think you can, and decide you want to talk to me about it, well.. I may not *want* to talk about it. Hell, I put it here for me, not you.

Okay, that's not totally true. Some of it's here so that you *will* read it, because I haven't or haven't been able to say it to you. At least this way you can know what's going on in my head...

So, anyway, if you want to talk to me about it, just respect my boundaries. If I say I'm not up for conversation, just hug me and walk away. Other than that, I guess it's all up for discussion.


I think you all should read this. It's from 'Emily' who runs a Cowboy Bebop fan page (http://niko-niko.net/bebop/index.html). It's such a cool anime. The character she's talking about, Spike Speigel, has a lot of stuff about him I wish I had. :) Hell, that all of us wish we had.

"Spike Spiegel is the leading man in Cowboy Bebop. With his tall, lanky build, rumpled necktie, and poofy greenish-black hair, Spike may look like a total slacker, but don't be deceived. Spike is a bounty hunter with a dark past.Oftentimes memories of past days will haunt him, especially images of a beautiful woman with blond hair named Julia, and a fierce man named Vicious. These two play a prominent role in Spike's life, even though it has been 3 years since he let that life 'die'. But through it all, Spike manages to keep a level head and oozes the aura of coolness that make him one of the best anime guys ever!"

He's just WAAY cool. He's a bit clumsy, a bit suave, a bit lazy, and a bit unpredictable. :)


'I think it's time that we blow this scene. Get ev'rybody and their stuff together. Okay, 3..2..1.. Let's Jam.'


(WaTch tHIs SpaCE foR MorE InFO)