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Ablative Armour

Attack my pretzel monkeys?

23 August
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Yeah, like totally, yeah.

I be tom.

Tom be going to University in Brisbane Australia.

Tom be president of both the food appreciation society and the Dungeons and Dragons club.

Tom be nerd (and not in a self-depricating manner either, Tom is quite proud of his nerdiness, and is totally A-O-K with the fact that nerd is the stereotype that he fits best. In fact, fuck you, you capitalist peeeeeg-dog. Why don't you just go buy some Mattel products? I bet you play games made by EA, or even worse, *shudder* listen to cock rock. This shield appears to be a small wooden buckler set with an intricate silver border about 2 inches wide. This shield functions as a buckler shield +2 and is considered a “wooden” shield for rule purposes, despite its silver border. Once per day the wielder is able to transform the buckler into a small wooden hut with a silver embroidered archway. The transformation is triggered when the wielder holds the shield over their head and uses the command word shelter in any language (magic partial action, see PHB). The hut forms around the wielder as the shield transforms. The newly formed hut has the same properties as that of a leomund’s secure shelter. The hut can be transformed back into a shield any time the owner wills it. This transformation takes one round. The word shelter is inscribed in the silver setting of the shield, usually in elven or common. A spot check with a DC of 15 is needed to spot the writings among the artwork, otherwise a 2nd casting of identify will reveal the method and the command word necessary to activate the shield.)


P.S. Apple potato walnut