Sarah (abhorred_) wrote,

Taken from fresh_heartache

Fill this out because
A) you want to make me happy, B)you're bored C) you like filling these things out
I don't care which reason you pick, I want to know more about most of you since we don't actually know one another (feel free to fill it out even if we do know one another)

01. Name:
02. Age:
03. Where do you live:
04. What makes you happy:
05: Fandoms:
06. What have you been listening to lately:
07. Favourite film:
08. Favourite band/singer:
09. Interesting fact about you:
10. Are you in love at the moment:
11. Favourite destination:
12. Favourite quote:
13. When is your birthday:
14. Will you post this in your LJ:
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