Sarah (abhorred_) wrote,

the most wonderful future husband ever=one who will make a special trip to the store just to buy you tampons (boo, period), without having to think twice about it. and running to the bank and mcdonalds to pick up dinner.

bailey called me on friday to invite me to her daughter's first birthday party, and to suggest we all go bowling when she gets her income taxes back. this is good.

my cousin also called me friday to try to make plans to go out sunday to lunch, but that never ended up happening. i'm confident that it will, though. i'm not too worried.

i've been looking into other possible apartments. i'm sick of our lazy landlord not getting our door for us. we can't afford outrageous heating bills... especially lately, we've had a lot of expenses. just dropped $650 on jon's car, another $180 on getting our kitties spayed, $250 on our gas bill last month. ugh. i have YET to pay it... i'm terrified to see this month's bill. it's going to probably be double that. i wouldn't be suprised, honestly. if it is... ha. we'll be out of here. either that or larry WILL pay half of it. stupid landlords *grumble*

my dog chewed up the body pillow i made jon for christmas. :'( i got really sad when i saw that. he has this thing with pulling stuffing out of things. sighs.


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