i want you to know that i miss you, i miss you so.

Colleen and I broke up.
More like I broke up with her because I'm retarded
Needless to say, my life has completely changed.
Most things are different
I've gained problems- physically and mentally.
Oh, and i'm doing poorly in school, which is a first.

In fact, most of this livejournal revolves around people i've either lost or gotten rid of.
except for Meaghan and Erin maybe.

So I'm going to make a new livejournal.
it'll be private and junk.

Add me- readySETflatter

i don't know if that worked. it's been a while since i've done this xD

I'll miss you, Colleen.
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today i woke up to see my bestfriend in a towel
what a surprise

i went to the ren faire from 10 am to 7:30 pm with aaron
never again

oh, i have cornrows :]
tia ain't got shit
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"We need to talk.. Step into my office, baby"

Last night, while on the verge of endless sleep, i made a proposal to myself- if i lose ten pounds, (without gaining any, either) i'll get a haircut.

i'm excited, kind of.
i just hope it looks good- cause i have mad horrible judgment when it comes to making physical changes to myself.

I love how inconvenient my school is.
Basically, the select few of my "friends" who i actually liked aren't coming back

i wish i could read fast

"And I ain't kiddin' when I say I saw myself turn grey"

I hate living in a routine
Albeit, I always find myself present in one
Well there's something for logically thinking

I've decided that changing completely is out of the question
Hell, I'll never be able to let go of my stunning appearance and radiant sense of humor
No, fuck that
I don't care anymore
My personality suits me well, and it got me this far anyone (which, in retrospective, isn't so far, but bare with me here)
I don't need change yet
I'm fifteen years young, about to turn sixteen
I'll worry about change when I'm entering college or something

BTW. I'm either going to London or Paris for 4 or 5 days for my sweet sixteen
:D (bragging raises self-esteem and I like it that way)

I need new books
Lots of them
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Shante's trippin!

I miss her
& I really hope she gets better...
:/ <3 x infinity

I'm gonna try and see her this week or next
and we will play checkers, war & steal the deck.
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Round and round here I come, it's a beautiful day

Well, I'm pretty bored.
In fourth & fifth grade I grew rapid interest in yo-yoing, and I've seemed to pick it up again presently.

I am REALLY aggravated and disappointed in my math teacher last year
She said she'd recommend me to Alg II honors, and she didn't.
Lousy whore.
Now my whole year is gonna be MAD easy
And my Mom never even bothered to send the letter confirming that she recommended me
And I told BOTH of them MULTIPLE times to do recommendation forms
But God forbid.

Now I have to go to Sister Jeanne. Fabulous.

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bouncin round from cloud to cloud, i got the feeling like i'm never gonna come down

okay. i told you that i wouldn't have a large, exclusive update from florida
to sum it up: it wasn't too bad

i have officially been to a typical Meals on Wheels morning.
I've petted a giraffe, in addition to feeding one, too
I've heard my grandma curse AT me for the first time, ever
I was informed that my grandpa's favorite song is "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira
& that my grandpa and Meaghan's Mom have something in common!

Basically, had Meaghan not been there, I'd have suffered immensely

So anyway, the days following vacation...

TuesdayCollapse )

Idr Wednesday. I didn't do anything but knit, really.

Thursday!Collapse )
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