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Just a few reasons why I heart Jay.

  •  I can be myself around him. Dorky, silly, quiet, loud, analytical, it doesn't matter; he just gets it.
  • He can always make me laugh, no matter how shitty my day had been up until that point.
  • My heart skips a beat whenever he calls or texts - middle school girl style even . It's lame. :)
  • When I can't see him on Wednesdays, I feel genuinely a little lost.
  • I can spend the entire weekend with him - from Friday night to Sunday night and when I go home Sunday night, I miss him.
  • He gets my sense of humor
  • He listens when I talk about everything
  • Our inside jokes.
  • He's definitely, by far, one of my best friends.
  • I'd put myself in danger for Capone (his dog).
  • His kisses instantly make me smile.
  • I can tell him anything. Even if it's hard for me to, or it's awkward.
  • He can make me smile so much, I laugh a little. I don't know when the last time my heart felt that genuinely happy.


I wanna call you "babe"
I wanna call you "honey"
But given our current situation
It just seems kinda funny
I like the way you make me laugh
And how your kisses fix my days
When you brush my hair outta my face
And all the other things you do that make me feel this way
I like falling asleep in your arms
You miss me when I'm gone
I like our morning conversations
And when I don't see you for a day it feels it's been too long

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Ashley Houseman
Professor Eric Serna
English 101
Journal #2 - Descriptive
February 4, 2010

    Generally speaking my day ends after ten o'clock at night and the first place I always rush

to first is my room. It used to be den/family room of my Grandma's house, and it still has that

atmosphere.  The mismatching wallpaper on three of the four walls is old and bumpy with a

plastic feel to it. The wallpaper was not my choice, since it had never been replaced from when it

was the family room.  There used to be fluffy brown carpet in my room not that long ago, but it

was pulled one weekend I wasn't here because our house had about 4 inches of standing water

after a heavy rainfall, so the carpet was sacrificed so we didn't have mold everywhere.  A large,

zebra-print rug that my cat Omar likes to try and chew on is currently the only thing that is on my

floor and the concrete stays really cold, especially in the winter. There is an electric fireplace in my

room too, which is a large reminder that this room wasn't mine in the first place, and is a large

contributor to the atmosphere that this was once a family room.  That and the fact that our flat-

screen TV, and blu-ray player are in my room also, along with a blue leather Lay-Z-Boy recliner

that my mom sits in are in here and my room serves as "public domain" between the hours of 7am

and 11pm for that reason.

    My desk takes up a good portion of one of the walls, and it's always cluttered with pictures

on the shelves, water bottles on any available writing surface, and stacks of notebooks, movies,

and cards everywhere else. The cluttered mess has gotten worse since I got a flat-screen monitor

for my nineteenth birthday too. I have loose papers, cords for our new TV, and memorabilia from

the various tours I've went on with my older brother throughout the years stuffed in all the drawers

of this desk that I've had since about 1996. A circular, maple end table that has slots for twelve

4x6" pictures is sitting in front of the right-hand side of my desk and blocks one of the drawers, and

a few shelves on that side. I have pictures of my twelve nieces and nephews in the table, and

a few of my favorite pictures from tour and vacations on the top. It sits on four bricks so it doesn't

get ruined if we happen to have another flood. My signed Rick Porcello baseball from this years'

TigerFest sits in the center, as it's one of my most favorite things I own and have ever been given

to me. My best friend Bryana got it for me after six hours of being denied his autograph or picture

with him that day.

    My bed sits against a brick wall and on a brick-covered portion of my floor. I have no idea

why bricks were ever put in this room in the first place; it's really random.  I have more pictures of

my brother and sister-in-law, my nieces and nephews, and one of me and Bryana along the ledge

above where my pillows are. My bed is a silver futon from our old house that used to stay in the

basement, but since moving into my Grandma's house, my old bed was too big to fit on the brick

area and down-graded to the hard, lumpy futon. The pink, orange, and white stripped sheets have

seen better days, and are worn and faded from being washed so many times. The sheets smell

like Downey and strawberry Pop-Tarts that I kept under my pillows and forgot about for about a

month, and I keep about four blankets and a sleeping bag on it. All four of my pillows are fat and

fluffy, but not quite broken in yet since I've recently gotten them after my mom threw out my

other ones because they were as flat as the Savannah plains. Well, that was her excuse anyway,

I've seen the Savannah plains and they weren't that bad.

    Random shelves of dusty, untouched books, and DVD cases that are missing their discs

litter the little bit of shelving I do have room for in my room, along with stacks of unsorted

pictures, and clothes that may or may not be clean. Converse of every color imaginable are

thrown under the bed, and boxes with unknown contents are shoved back as far as they can go.

My Alternative Press magazines fill the magazine racks, and a stack of Rolling Stone magazines

are waiting next to them, waiting to be sorted and put away. Posters of Hanson, including my

favorite one that was signed about six and a half years ago, hang on my walls, along with more

pictures of my family and friends. A well-kept calendar of every event that is taking place this year

is on the wall next to my desk, with a color-coordinated scheme to it, and next to my "Board of

Radness." That cork board has ticket stubs to concerts that I went to for or with my brother, his

band's promo cards, a Detroit Tigers 2010 calendar, a 2009 Supernatural calendar I got with the

season three DVDs that is turned to July, a Chuck E. Cheese ticket that contains the numbers

309 from my cousin Madelyn (my brother's band has a song called "309"), and my flag from my

first purchase of TOMS shoes all hang on it. There is also a photo booth picture from a trip to

Milwaukee, a flyer from "the best tour ever," and all my Hanson concert ticket stubs also on it.

     I like my room because it contains all my memories in picture and other memorabilia form,

but other than that it's just a place where my stuff is. The Butterfly Flower scented candle scent that

fills the air is soothing, but not my first pick of smell for my room. It feels more like the family room

and just keep all my stuff in it, as opposed to my room and we all just hang out here.
Ashley Houseman
English 101
Eric Serna
January 28, 2010
Journal #1

Something Funny Happened On The Way To School Today

When I went outside to get in my car to go to my early morning math class, I was met with a very big surprise in the form of a 309' yacht. Suddenly, I saw Lil Wayne and T-Pain throwing money into the streets of my neighborhood and I was even more confused, but then I saw my best friend Bryana on the front of the boat Leonardo di Caprio style, as a big, blue, watery road started to appear.
"I'm on a boat! Get on here!" Bryana yelled, waving her sparkly top hat at me.
I made my way over to the yacht and climbed up on it, and was instructed by Lil Wayne that I was going to drive it to school, but we had to make some stops first.

As I slowly started to navigate down my once paved road, per T-Pain's directions, I started to get distracted by all that was going on. Dolphins were doing flips right next to the boat, and I thought I saw my older brother Ben, climbing on bouies that had since replaced the trees.

"That way!" T-Pain shouted in his auto-tune voice, pointing to the right as I turned the wheel of the yacht hard, snapping myself out of my daze.

"Where are we going?!" I asked, looking around.

"Who cares?" Bryana replied, "We're on a boat! Oh my gosh, take my picture!"

I pulled out my iPhone and snapped a picture of her and T-Pain as we sailed on the boat.

"We need some music!" Lil Wayne yelled from his seat where he was reclined back, smoking a cigarillo, and sipping some Santana champagne out of a "pimp cup."

Then, our friend Sylvia walked up the steps to where we were, and took over the wheel. She asked me for some Mountain Dew since she refuses to accept the fact that she is a diabetic, and I knew I had some in my backpack. I unzipped it, and pulled out a bathing suit, some swim trunks, and plaid flippy-floppies, but no Mountain Dew. "I don't have any!" I called to her, turning back to my backpack to check one last time as some suddenly appeared. "Never mind, here!" I said, giving her some in her black and red pimp cup that was decorated with the I.C.P. Hatchetman.

T-Pain and Lil Wayne shouted out their directions to Sylvia as Bryana and I got our chance to throw money out into the road. A few minutes later we saw signs for Comerica Park and Rick Porcello, Alex Avila, and the former Tiger Curtis Granderson all boarded this magically fast boat. Syliva selected a song to play over the yacht's speakers as we headed down the watery road to wherever Lil Wayne wanted to go next.

"We're so going to miss math dude," I whispered to Bryana as the CD player whirred and clicked, preparing to play whatever song Sylvia had selected.

"It's okay, Grandpa Chong will catch us up on it later in study group, it's Supernatural Thursday! We should watch Supernatural together later at nine on the CW dude!" Bryana replied nonchalantly.

We started dancing to Cobra Starship's "Guilty Pleasure," and taught Granderson, Porcello, Avila, T-Pain, and Lil Wayne the dance that went with it. We danced for awhile, then sat back and enjoyed the view while Sylvia was chugging her Mountain Dew, and steering the yacht.

"Where are we?" Curtis Granderson asked, suddenly looking around and noticing palm trees.

"We're in Miami trick!" T-Pain shouted, still using his auto-tune voice.

We picked up a few exotic dancers, per T-Pain and Lil Wayne's request, and started back home. I checked my phone for new Twitter updates, and realized that we were moving at hyper-speed since it was only 8:37 and we had already been to Detroit, Miami, and were already half way back home to Muskegon.

Sylvia pulled the yacht up to the main doors of Muskegon Community College, and everyone had stopped and stared at us.

"Better grab an umbrella!" T-Pain shouted as Bryana and I exited the boat, now in shirts that he and Lil Wayne gave us that said "T-Wayne" on the backs as a suveniour of our morning journey.

"What?" I asked, not sure I had heard him correctly.

"Better grab an umbrella!" T-Pain repeted.

"'Cause I make it rain!" Lil Wayne yelled, throwing money everywhere.

After stuffing our backpacks full of their money, Bryana and I ran to our math class like we were at TigerFest, racing to get Rick Porcello's autograph for me (although we had that from our time on the boat with him, and enough pictures to post on Facebook to fill at least four albums).

We ran into the classroom, trying to catch our breath as our teacher and classmates turned to give us weird looks for interrupting.

"Sorry," we said un-apologetically, sitting down for the last ten minutes of class.

"What happened?" Grandpa Chong whispered not so quietly.

"We ended up being on boat," I answered as Bryana covered her mouth to laugh.

If only they knew the half of it.

Fucking semi trucks

Almost fucking killed me tonight on my way back from Rochester to Buffalo. I was in the left-hand lane, passing four semis with like, three cars behind me and this dumbfucking semi hit the brakes and switched lanes as he turned on his blinker. And a car was coming on the off ramp and the fucking truck almost hit me!!! So I slammed on my brakes as the semi continued to pass the one in front of him and the car behind me almost smashed into me since I had to brake so fast. I was so shaken up and scared and no one answered their phones and ugh, omfg it sucked so much. I cried so hard. Then I got pissed. Then cried again cause I had about 28 more miles to go to Buffalo. Then cried on a voicemail to Ben and Bryana. And again when Sylli called me. Ugh. I'm glad that's over. Waiting on Justin to get back. He's being slow and gay. Of course. Headed back to Michigan tomorrow morning/afternoon. Gonna call Justin now so Sylvia and I can go to sleep. D is passed the fuck out on the other couch...he's snoring so fucking loud it's kinda gay but really funny.

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Adventures with Bryana

Today has been good so far. Differentish now. But I like Granderson's grandma!

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Adventures with Bryana

Today has been good so far. Differentish now. But I like Granderson's grandma!

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Bryana wants to steal my job

When I visitxthebackseatx in Florida. Hahahahaha.

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LiveJournal on my iPhone? I'm in heaven!

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LiveJournal on my iPhone? I'm in heaven!

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