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RP Dilemna

Okay, so the RPs I've been wanting to app at are bubblevoid , discedo , station_square , and toontown_rpg . Now, I'm just having a few problems with this.

First, I've been meaning to app Mr. Immortal to bubblevoid . Unfortunately, the community, scans_daily , has been suspended. Therefore, I have to wait until I get back home and collect my old issues GLA tradebacks before I toontown_rpg play him, because I have this thing about having a constant canon source for characters that I play. I guess I don't trust myself to sometimes stray on the side of fanon at points. Oh dear. On the bright side, I'll be bringing in STC!Mighty there sooner. However, I've been very, very tempted to bring in an AU Espio that I've been developing for a while. Yup, I've made another one. God damn it. At least this one has more of a canon presence behind it.

With discedo , I'll be honest. I don't know who to bring. I'm interested, but really, who? Something tells me a Sega!Mighty I've been thinking about might work there, but I've been itching to play AoStH somewhere. I've been wanting to do a slapstick character for the longest time. In all acutality, though, I'm not even sure if the first character I'm going to bring would even be from the Sonic fanon. I've been looking into brining Sailor Saturn or even Zappa from Guilty Gear there.

Oh, boy, station_square . Where do I even begin? Okay, let's just put aside my insecurity of my RPing and characterization. I'm completely torn about who to play. It's between a Sega Espio and a Sega Big. I've played Sega Espio before, and I know what I've done wrong with him after making several mistakes. Several mistakes. Now, I know better, and I know exactly how I should play him. Big, on the other hand, is a complete wild card. I haven't played him in SA and I haven't finished Chronicles. I really wanted to finish Chronicles and play him in IMR until my DS with my game in it got stolen. Now that it's been replaced, I can finish the game and consider Big. Still, I could play Espio now, but I'd have to beat the game (which you just lost) before I can play Big. Decision, decisions. I think I'm just afraid I'll fail at Espio. Again. Ah, well. I always have Eggman and a few other non-Sega characters to play.

Finally, the last one is easy. I want to play Betty Boop, Daffy Duck, and Mio at toontown_rpg . 'Nough said.

We'll just have to see what happens.

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Busy Busy Busy

I have been SO busy lately. I mean, damn! I think it really was a good idea to drop myself out of the BR RP. I just have no time anymore. I think I might quit myself out of all the RPs I am in. I just don't have the time, and this is AFTER I finished my school year.

Anyway, tomorrow is the dreaded SATs. I hate being so negative about it, but I honestly don't think it reflects intelligence. The ironic part about it is that this test might be my best bet to a good school. Apparently, my grades are dropping, because I suck at time management. I'll be working on it extra-hard next year. I barely got by with all the Bs I know I have now. my grades dropped, and that's going to look bad, especially since I know I could do better if I could just manage my damn time well. >.<

Anyway, I'm relying on a system I don't like, because it's my only hope, seeing that I did pretty good on my last SAT. This is the second time I'm taking it, because I believe my math grade could be better. Once I start getting the hang of my schedule for the summer, I'll start putting up some hints and tips for test-takers.

Note to self: GIVE Freezie pleasy Fishie!!!!!!!!!!11111111111

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BTW, if anyone is reading this, tell me, am I the only one whose parents give them the chore of going to the book shop and see if Tenjou Tenge 6 is finally out? Am I?