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Don't ask why this is here

Only by the time that she finished choosing what she wanted from the menu and after Joker said that name did she remember the full situation.

"Amane?" she whispered like an echo, lost and slightly fogged up. What this name meant was beyond her. A friend, a pet, a memory, and even his name were all possibilities. She already began to scan her own mind for any person connected to that name And so far, to no avail. "Do you believe this could be your name?"
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100 Tenipuri Questions thingy

I feel like such a geek for doing this. Oh well. I guess I had fun...

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Question: Are the 100 questions a meme?

BTW, there is less than 48 hours until I can enjoy the new show, the Boondocks! I hope it's good. I mean, I hear they animated it in Korea.

Lastly, I have an annonuncement to make:

I watch anime.

That is all and good night.
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20 things post!

20 facts about the future of the Tenipuri

1) Although most of the boys and girls get married, start a career, or pursue a dream, a tiny percentage ends in tragedy.
2) One of these characters does not include Fuji Shusuke, but they do involve Aoi Kentaro and Akutagawa Jiroh. However, Dan Taiichi was so sorry; he didn’t mean to…
3) Despite popular belief, the Hyoutei regulars did not stay together… Except for Oshitari Yuushi and Gakuto Mukahi but that’s another story.
4) Echizen Ryoma finally realized his true love for tennis. Unfortunately, the love was only subtle, and he soon made it merely a school activity and never became serious. However, he did find a new love – skateboarding. (He never got married to a Japanese girl, much to his father’s dismay. Fortunately, Rinko is quite interested in having a Korean for a daughter-in-law.)
5) Shiba Saori is one of the few people who get married. She did NOT get married to Inoue. She did, however, get married to one of Kikumaru Eiji’s older brothers.
6) Tezuka Kunimitsu and Oishi Shuiichiro remained comrades, even after the Golden Pair split up. Tezuka’s becoming a pro, and Oishi’s his personal doctor. Tezuka pays him with his house, car, belongings, and his heart.
7) Saint Rudolph Junior High closed down because of a lack of students. Fortunately, Saint Rudolph’s parish got constructed instead. In a few more years, Mizuki Hajime will be participating actively in the church – as a priest.
8) In professional tennis, there are only a few people who can compete with Tezuka Kunimitsu (in Japan): Kirihara Akaya, Ibu Shinji, a newly-awakened Tachibana Kippei, Yukimura Seiichi, and, his fiercest opponent ever, a young lady named Miyuki.
9) Despite all the strong players, only three of the characters in #8 have a chance in worldwide tournaments.
10) Had he stayed alive, Atobe Keigo might have been one of them.
11) Kiraku Yasuyuki may have been one of them, but Kirihara Akaya changed that. Since then, Akaya owns less hair than Jackal.
12) Speaking of Jackal Kuwahara, he never went back to Brazil. He’s still trying to find a way out of Mexico after Niou Masaharu lost his visa.
13) All the boys of Higa Chuu have perused a career in stardom or activism. Kite was the only one successful. Never did Japan see a bigger explosion.
14) The Oshitari family finally resolved their differences and conflicts after Oshitari Kenya shot himself. (They thought it was suicide, but it was actually a justified accident.)
15) Tooyama Kintaro helped #14 happen. He never shed a single tear again except after Horio Junpei got hurt in an accident. They’re still good buddies, and Horio Junpei has 22 years of biking experience now.
16) The freshmen trio did become regulars. Now, they’re a famous trio of entertainers similar to the three stooges.
17) Shishigaku finally became the winners of the Nationals… After Ryoma graduated from junior high.
18) Two years after Ryoma graduates high school, tennis becomes increasingly unpopular. Strangely enough, the two sports that become even more popular are volleyball and… bowling.
19) Of the many students playing bowling, some of them include some very familiar people’s little sisters.
20) Ojii, Sakaki Tarou, Ryuuzuki Sumire, and Banji are still alive.
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Just another update

All I hear nowadays is death, despair, and whining. I don’t mean to be hella inconsiderate, but things are getting outta hand. One day, I’d just like to have one day where no one was talking about somebody else. At least, not when I’m there. Wait a minute. If I’m not there, they could be talking about my back! It’s a lose/lose situation! >.<
But now I realize again that things are just as it is and I wouldn’t mind it any other way if I thought about it. It’s only my selfish, side that makes me think these things and that’s what makes me human.

Also, I have my new license now. I’m so happy. BTW, here are two list of something people who always wished to drive should know:

10 things why Driving Pisses Me Off:

1) When you first learn driving and you suck, your own driving makes you want to throw up.
2) People on the freeway are mean.
3) It’s a hassle.
4) The sound of the car drives me crazy.
5) You can’t feel your knees after driving for so long.
6) Your instructor yells at you for forgetting what you learned when you’re behind the wheel, even though you’re scared shitless.
7) Driving in big cities can be a nightmare.
8) Cops make me nervous.
9) Being a young driver is a large amount of pressure, because your insurance could rise if you get into an accident. As if insurance wasn’t already high enough!
10) Driving on curves is hell.

10 things why Driving is a great thing for me:

1) I’m more independent and reliant on myself.
2) I have fewer things to worry about.
3) I can manage my time better.
4) Sometimes, driving can be relaxing, especially on a scenic route.
5) You can check out cute guys, and nobody would notice you, because you’re going so fast.
6) Admit it; it’s fun.
7) The breeze of driving while opening the window is unlike anything else.
8) You feel like you’re in control.
9) Gaining a sense of power and privilege is good for self-esteem.
10) You now have something to brag about and make old people feel older. :P

I FINALLY bought the Prince of Tennis manga #28 today! Eeeeee! Kintaro! ^_^ I’m so happy I bought it!

It’s funny; they ask for my age when I try buying the Kindaichi files with all the blood and gore and stuff. But with Prince of Tennis with NUDITY of all things, they think it’s okay to let me buy it on my own. >.< Weird IMHO.

Guess what else? I’m working on an essay in my spare time. (Which is basically nearly never.) It’s about Naruto’s very own Hyuuga Hinata. It’s an analytical essay. I’ll probably have a little out as soon as I have some time. Then, I’ll add on to it later and add more things I feel I have a lot to say about.

Yeah. That’s all. Now, I must go contact my friends before they abandon all hope of me trying to reach them.
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RP Log: Tezuka/Akutsu

When the sun was still high in the sky and shadows outside were scarce, Akutsu invited himself to barge into Tezuka's office without so much as a knock.

"Tezuka, did you confiscate my cigarettes?!" he exclaimed, looking a bit red from the heat and maybe stress of anger.

The summer day was an extremely hot one, and officers who unfortunate enough to be working indoors today had taken the toll, including Akutsu who sweate d enough for his dark, long-sleeved shirt to look damper than had he been at a water-themed amusement park.

(OOC: I'm sorry for the delay and I apologize.)