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Generally good news, then bitching

So, Nikko got kicked off American Idol. >.<

Now, for the good news:

I actually got to watch Sukisho! Really funny, but the pink-haired dude gives be deja vu. @_@

Sis and I played hella time on Tekken 5. It's soooooo pretty looking, but it still stays fun. Sadly, Asuka is not Jun, but is pretty close. I kick hella ass with her. I still have loads to go. We already have a few endings. (We're so bad. We went on "easy mode" for some of them.)

I just realize that I'm stalling for homework stuff, but it's okay. I have plenty of time. (Why do I feel like I just said some "famous last words?")

My DN application is going smoothly. I finished the story, but I still need to review Jiroh's personality in case I went overboard with a few things. Thinking and writing DN's are fun (probably when you have time)! The two English sites that I know of have wonderful dream novels. They're actually fun to read/fill in. My favorite? Well, I suggest your read them all. They're on a site called Minus Zero and a site called tenipuri_dotnet or something. I techinically have no favorite, but the ones I enjoy reading the most seem to be more from Tsukuji.

Yaoi is better, though. :P

My TO Do list is almost completed.

I believe that... no, I better not say anything more.

Except about how awful that Ring II was!

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I really should have only watched the first one and the Japanese one. *sigh* This movie really ruined it for me. I mean, I LAGUHED. When someone laughs in a horror movie, that's something wrong. I don't even watch horror that much, so I'm not used to it. Bleh.

I wish there were guidelines on how to approach people on a RP. I feel embarassed. Sis helps me out, though. If you're reading this little sister of mine, thank you. But please realize that if you're reading this, and I find out, you're risking pissing me off real good.