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I'm alive again. But soon, I will be dead, as I have 3 AP classes I will be taking next year. Three!

x_x <---- me dead

Okay, so I think you all deserve to hear what happened on the speech tournaments I've been in. The first one, I lost. Apparently, I should not have brought note cards that I didn't look at, even when I forget when I brought it up. Stupid me. They counted that against me, it seems. The second one, however, was a success! Of course, I only won third place. I lost to a guy who talked about ageism (Is that how you spell it?) and to a girl who talked about preperations. I think the content of the speech was what made me lose to them.

Lastly, I won $50 in the Lions' club speech contest talking about whether the internet was a hero or villain. I was competing against this senior girl. I think I won, because she spoke with note cards. I had to memorize mine. Personally, I think she was nervous. Either way, I won, meaning I'll have another level to go to. The only thing I have to do now besides practice is change the ending. People seem to not be clear that I am clearly not against the internet itself. I'm against at the abuse.

Lastly, I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge today. I had to walk back, too. We're traveling all around for school this week. I was lucky to find the time to access the internet right now. Anyways, see you all and I hope to be more activate sometime soon!
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Speech and Meme

The following Meme has given me deja vu and made me felt older than I was. Therefore, I hope to help spread and share with you all.

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Stupid Meme, making me feel old. >.< <3

Okay, for those who don't know, I'm in the Speech Team in my school. Okay, so I had three pages too much for a speech. I understood that I need to cut it, and I'm happy that my coach helped. Unfortunately, when she cut out a few things, something was lost. Now, I'm talking about the internet, but instead of the internet being an enemy that we can fix using our discretion, I'm talking about the internet being a villain that could only be stopped using things like laws. This seriously sucks. -_-

A few other facts I couldn't fix in my speech:

* MMORPG is NOT a multi-player role-playing game. It's a MASSIVELY multi player ONLINE role-playing game. I know that the judges don't care and that I might sound bad saying that whole thing, but it still upsets me, because I'm just not correct.

* It's NOT creepy for a people to mourn over a dead IRL person in the virtual cathedral. Unorthodox, yes, but some people are seriously upset when these things happen.

* Blogs are not as dangerous as I have made them. If I kept all the information I had, then the blog wouldn't seem like something that could kill you. Blogs will not kill people off the face of the Earth! >:(

* There is no Girl B. There is only the deceased Satomi Mitarai. Girl A is known as "Nevada-tan." To not call Satomi by her name is not, in all techniality, correct.

* I doubt Nevada-tan's fanbase is a cult. I don't want to say that in my speeh. Although, some might aruge otherwise, so it's up for debate.

*I have a hard time saying the world "lest" without thinking I'm saying it funny or sounding too old. I don't like it!

Either way, I'll be saying my utterly edited speech, hoping people could actually understanding what I say. Next time, I'll do a speech I won't have to cut. That way, my original point gets across. The good news is that I'll be going to a pie place. Mmm... pie...