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Anothe quiz and update

You are ALKITTY. your tough, friendly, and a little
clumsy. You are adored by people they look up
to you an you might possibly be idolized by
others. I hope not that's a little creepy.
Still you're fun to be around.

Which FMA Kitty Are You?
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Okay, so I'm still in finals, barely making it. I'll tell you write now, though, I pretty much did well in Geometry. I think I'm okay in Poetry, but I'm not as confident as Geometry. Now, I have to study for Chemistry and History.

Test-taking tip #1: Have extra pencils/writing tool

I can't stress the above enough. Do it! You will not regret it! Trust me! Don't make me tell you an embarassing story.

Speaking of embarassing stories, I just made one today, as I had done the most embarassing thing I ever did in my life. I won't tell you details as on a scale of 1-10 on the embarassing meter, it hits a 15. (I wanted to say 25, but I cannot be so arrogant as to say that.) I will tell you what I though right after everything was fixed up:

"I hope I can get that smell out of my shoes."

What you make of that is up to you.

Lastly, I came to tell of what my future projects will be. It's what I'll be working on in my spare time during my winter vaction, which will be in three days! Whoo!!!!!

*reading Nickel and Dimed and finishing Battle Royale and starting Donald Duk. All three, I hear, are good books. If I have time, I may have that book review for The Grapes of Wrath up. If I have even more time, I'll be able to read Kite Runner or Crime and Punishment. My aplologies. I completely forgot some of these author's names. >.< I better check soon.

*For Naruto fans: writing the rest of Bound (GaaraLee) and Thanks for the Chocolate! Later on, I'll be wriitng an essay on Hinata, because there is way more to her than most people see, even those that do get her character down right.

*For FMA fans: A futuristic fic on the take of the technology in FMA. That is, when I finish the series. >.< I only have access to the licensed version as of now. But once I'm done, I may write an essay on how FMA compares to other manga titles in general.

*For Saiyuki fans: A future fic on a revolution! Sorta. I'll give you a hint on what will come. Points if you understand what I'm talking about: Maitreya and Green/Red Tara.

*For PoT fans: I swear! I'll update the Sakuno in Battle Royale fic! Really! You'll like it when it's done. I'm just not used to updating things a chapter at a time anymore. For those really interested, I have two essays I'll write about Prince of Tennis: One will be about what I believe the end of Prince of Tennis will be like; the other will be about my opinion on Seigaku and how Prince of Tennis relates to other Shonen, (maybe sports) manga. Prepare for lots of psychotic logic. (It makes sense. I swear.)

*For Boondocks fans: I'm still finishing up the sprites. It's been a long time since I've ever sprited anything, and I am rusty. The hair style keep looking funny. It doesn't help that I never kept my old sprites. (Then again, they weren't that good compared to others. -_-;)

'Looks like I have a busy vacation ahead of me. Oh well, time to study!
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Well, with finals coming up, I'll be basically dead for a week. I'm also doing some community service with children, so I'll be busy, though that won't mean I won't come on for a while!

However, once I get back, I will come back with a book review for The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. Go read it. 'Really good, historical book.

And of course, not everyone's interested in that, so I will leave you with this little quiz result I decided to do.

You are Yanagi Renji! Extremely smart and calm, you
manage things on your own pace. Unlike others,
you are quiet and prefer to keep stuff to
yourself. Just don't depend on your brains all
the time, give it a rest sometimes!

Which Rikkaidai Regular are you?
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All I have to say is hell no!
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Katrina and quiz results

After hearing about the effects of Katrina, I hope everyone prays for the best and contributes in the best ways they can. Lastly, if anyone knows about what happened to the Mercy school in Mississippi, that would be helpful if you tell me. Thank you.

You daydream because you like to think and ponder
about things. You daydream simply to think. You
are one of the smart ones that finds interests
in things others would find boring. Daydreaming
is your way of pondering, your time to wonder
about things.

Why do you daydream? (pics)
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A CORVETTE. You are a normal person. But you are
soo handsome, people easily fall in love with
you. You have a warm and kind heart, and know
your way with the girls. You are also romantic.

What car are you? for guyz! (pics)
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My first quiz entry

Which OStan are you?

You are Windows 98. You are the second oldest of the windows girls. You're neither beloved nor despised, but many people still use you. You also have a box you keep with you at all times, for reasons known only to you.

Damn. I'm hella cute.
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