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Just another update

All I hear nowadays is death, despair, and whining. I don’t mean to be hella inconsiderate, but things are getting outta hand. One day, I’d just like to have one day where no one was talking about somebody else. At least, not when I’m there. Wait a minute. If I’m not there, they could be talking about my back! It’s a lose/lose situation! >.<
But now I realize again that things are just as it is and I wouldn’t mind it any other way if I thought about it. It’s only my selfish, side that makes me think these things and that’s what makes me human.

Also, I have my new license now. I’m so happy. BTW, here are two list of something people who always wished to drive should know:

10 things why Driving Pisses Me Off:

1) When you first learn driving and you suck, your own driving makes you want to throw up.
2) People on the freeway are mean.
3) It’s a hassle.
4) The sound of the car drives me crazy.
5) You can’t feel your knees after driving for so long.
6) Your instructor yells at you for forgetting what you learned when you’re behind the wheel, even though you’re scared shitless.
7) Driving in big cities can be a nightmare.
8) Cops make me nervous.
9) Being a young driver is a large amount of pressure, because your insurance could rise if you get into an accident. As if insurance wasn’t already high enough!
10) Driving on curves is hell.

10 things why Driving is a great thing for me:

1) I’m more independent and reliant on myself.
2) I have fewer things to worry about.
3) I can manage my time better.
4) Sometimes, driving can be relaxing, especially on a scenic route.
5) You can check out cute guys, and nobody would notice you, because you’re going so fast.
6) Admit it; it’s fun.
7) The breeze of driving while opening the window is unlike anything else.
8) You feel like you’re in control.
9) Gaining a sense of power and privilege is good for self-esteem.
10) You now have something to brag about and make old people feel older. :P

I FINALLY bought the Prince of Tennis manga #28 today! Eeeeee! Kintaro! ^_^ I’m so happy I bought it!

It’s funny; they ask for my age when I try buying the Kindaichi files with all the blood and gore and stuff. But with Prince of Tennis with NUDITY of all things, they think it’s okay to let me buy it on my own. >.< Weird IMHO.

Guess what else? I’m working on an essay in my spare time. (Which is basically nearly never.) It’s about Naruto’s very own Hyuuga Hinata. It’s an analytical essay. I’ll probably have a little out as soon as I have some time. Then, I’ll add on to it later and add more things I feel I have a lot to say about.

Yeah. That’s all. Now, I must go contact my friends before they abandon all hope of me trying to reach them.
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Hyuuga Houses and American Idol

Okay, here's a real rant about Naruto. To be more specific, a rant about the Hyuuga houses.

Collapse )

On an entirely different level, I am so happy Anwar, Mario, Scott, and Bo made it. (American Idol) I wasn't worried about Constantine. I do wish that they get rid of that boring guy. (Whose name I forgot) Sadly, David didn't make it. He had so much potnetial. :(

Boys are way more interesting than the girls this season.
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Rantings and a Fic

Yesh! I got a chapter of my GaaraLee fic done! Here it is:

You can go see it on my FF.net account. My SN is A.L.1. (Minus the period after the "1.")


Now, a random ranting about Naruto and... fandom! But which part? There's so many! Well, since there's so many parts and I have an opinion that nobody cares about, I'll randomly choose one!

And I decide that I have chosen none other than Naruto himself!

Aww damn. That's still a big topic. There's other fan opinions, how he's depicted in fanfiction, how he looks, his attitude, what his theme is, his new look, and etc.

I guess I'll choose what others think of him based on certain "facts."

Naw, nevermind. Too much work. I think I just mae a point that ranting about Naruto is too much work! >.<

What the hell, then.

American Idol: The boys are so good and stand out more than the girls! My favorites are Anwar, Mario, and David. (Don't vote off David. No!) I like the other boys, too. Maybe when they're each voted off, I'll type about what I loved about them and stuff. Until then, go Anwar! (Constantine and Bo are hella good, too. Bo DOES NOT look like a bum. >8(
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(no subject)

Yesh!!!!! The new Naruto has come out! Whooooo!!!!!!

Naruto looks so much older. I miss how adorable he was when he was younger. *sniff sniff*

I heard about Chapter 246 and both Naruto and Sakura are so skilled now! 'Makes me happy. I still have to figure out how to put icons on this LJ. I'll figure it out eventually. If someone could help, that would be a great help.

I hope they don't show everyone yet; I still have to write the fanfic before we see what REALLY happens to them. Gotta hurry! @_@

I think I'll join that GaaraLee community. I love that couple so much now. But then again, I'll probably ruin it with my FFs... *sighs*

Current Projects:

* Naruto fanfic about Rock Lee. Actually, it's more about all his aquaintaces. You'll see, it has a surprise at the end.

*A GaaraLee fic. Enough said.

* Announcement on my FF profile. (For those I may have insulted...)

*I have to make a new icon. The one I have now isn't cutting it.

*Atobe/An fic that I'm working with my sister,

*My Harajuku girl pic. I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to post it. :(

*And something else my sister is helping me with.

One day, I'll post up my joke about Mizuki singing.
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Naruto has a break?!

I checked on the Animesuki posts and I found out there will be NO NEW NARUTO CHAPTERS for a long time. At first, I was devastated, but then I was okay, because I remembered that I had a new FF that I wanted to post up before the end of the three-year period in Naruto, because there is just so much potnetial stories you could just sqeeze in to all that stuff. So, I will be busy busy with all this fandom stuff.

Also, I'll try roleplaying at the tenipuri_jnsh as Hanamura. It sounds like fun and I'll try joining as Akutsu Jin, now.

And just for another note, I just may make an anti-Kikumaru community for those that don't like something about that guy.
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