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It's the 13th of Friday. However, I believe superstition goes against my religion, so just forget what I just said.

I've been tagged!!!!!

Tagger: natsu_yuki

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Oh, and even though I haven't been able to do some of the things I wanted, I'm now working on a lot of things now. I hope to do the best I can. Lastly, I am very excited, because it's a 3-day weekend. I'll finally be doing some things I need to do. ^_^ The only bad luck I consider myself having today was the fact that I could have turned in my term paper but couldn't because I forgot to include my citations.

Stupid stupid stupid stupid me! >.< !!!!!

That is all. Enjoy your weeked, all of you!! (Those that actually read this. -_-;)
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Speech and Meme

The following Meme has given me deja vu and made me felt older than I was. Therefore, I hope to help spread and share with you all.

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Stupid Meme, making me feel old. >.< <3

Okay, for those who don't know, I'm in the Speech Team in my school. Okay, so I had three pages too much for a speech. I understood that I need to cut it, and I'm happy that my coach helped. Unfortunately, when she cut out a few things, something was lost. Now, I'm talking about the internet, but instead of the internet being an enemy that we can fix using our discretion, I'm talking about the internet being a villain that could only be stopped using things like laws. This seriously sucks. -_-

A few other facts I couldn't fix in my speech:

* MMORPG is NOT a multi-player role-playing game. It's a MASSIVELY multi player ONLINE role-playing game. I know that the judges don't care and that I might sound bad saying that whole thing, but it still upsets me, because I'm just not correct.

* It's NOT creepy for a people to mourn over a dead IRL person in the virtual cathedral. Unorthodox, yes, but some people are seriously upset when these things happen.

* Blogs are not as dangerous as I have made them. If I kept all the information I had, then the blog wouldn't seem like something that could kill you. Blogs will not kill people off the face of the Earth! >:(

* There is no Girl B. There is only the deceased Satomi Mitarai. Girl A is known as "Nevada-tan." To not call Satomi by her name is not, in all techniality, correct.

* I doubt Nevada-tan's fanbase is a cult. I don't want to say that in my speeh. Although, some might aruge otherwise, so it's up for debate.

*I have a hard time saying the world "lest" without thinking I'm saying it funny or sounding too old. I don't like it!

Either way, I'll be saying my utterly edited speech, hoping people could actually understanding what I say. Next time, I'll do a speech I won't have to cut. That way, my original point gets across. The good news is that I'll be going to a pie place. Mmm... pie...
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Advertising and thoughts on the old lady

Here's my friend's fic on FMA. I'm informing you as of now that she has only watched the first DVD (unsure where from though) and therefore only three episodes. She's writing this not knowing what happened at the end of the series or completely knowing how alchemy works FMA-style. However, she is able to write a story based on the scientific process, proving to us what little geniuses Ed and Al can really be. It's also pretty interestering trying to see a person (with only three episodes of experience) try to explain the "alchemy process," as she calls it, with some science.(some real and some made up.) If you like Ed and Al (in a gen/sci-fi fic) and are afraid of spoilers like heck, this is a story for you.


Read it. It's great.

And one more thing:


If you like the Boondocks, and you are mature, go here, please.

Lastly, I was thinking about that lady that came to my school yesterday, and I realized that she may have been wrong scientifically, but her heart is in the right place. I mean, it's not 100% that we will get pregnant the first time nor is it true that we will only love someone we like through smell and pheromones. However, I have to realize that she is in a program that takes care of pregnant (very) young women, and she was merely fullfilling their wishes - telling girls out there about studies like this on sex as well as possible scientific assumptions to as to why they got pregnant the way they did.

Therefore, I will not scorn her and talk about what she said here, but I still acknowledged her improper use of science.

I just realize that I have to work on an RP and the rest of my homework. Gosh darnit! >.
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FMA and a warning

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About the above... uh... yeah.

Anyway, a friend and I are planning to make a self-published comic based on manga style. She draws in a new style, but I prefer drawing the old-shool way. We'll see how this turns out. I'll keep you posted. Later on, after I finish reading it, I'll pimp her totally awesome FMA fanfic. (It's based on sceince and math and stuff. Very interesting if you like the sceintifical part of FMA. When I have time, maybe I'll get cracking on my own. *cracks knuckles*

Also, keep an eye out for when I review "The Boondocks." <--(Is is supposed to be italicized or quoted? I have no idea. -_-;)

BTW, at school today, this lady said some lies about sex that didn't seemt o be true. At science class today, we learned all the stuff wrong about what she said. So when people come to your school to preach, it really is best just to block them all out.