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Anwar is kicked off... I didn't really want to do much afterwards. It looks like I'll have to be cheering for Vonzelle and Constantine now.

Sis needs to download more Sukisho and find the rest of that darn dango recipe. >.<

I realized that the more I read an author's DN, the more I like their DN's. I don't think I'll type who I prefer as of now. Favoritism is favoritism no matter what word or phrase you use. I also feel that I screwed my own DN. I won't type anymore about this until the results show up.

I saw the school musical. Personally, the story and how the people performed were great. Gypsy Rose Lee, I'm now interested in your biography.

I'm also such a dork. I watched the All That reunion and got so excited. Heh heh. Some of the things on that show still make me laugh a bit.
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Generally good news, then bitching

So, Nikko got kicked off American Idol. >.<

Now, for the good news:

I actually got to watch Sukisho! Really funny, but the pink-haired dude gives be deja vu. @_@

Sis and I played hella time on Tekken 5. It's soooooo pretty looking, but it still stays fun. Sadly, Asuka is not Jun, but is pretty close. I kick hella ass with her. I still have loads to go. We already have a few endings. (We're so bad. We went on "easy mode" for some of them.)

I just realize that I'm stalling for homework stuff, but it's okay. I have plenty of time. (Why do I feel like I just said some "famous last words?")

My DN application is going smoothly. I finished the story, but I still need to review Jiroh's personality in case I went overboard with a few things. Thinking and writing DN's are fun (probably when you have time)! The two English sites that I know of have wonderful dream novels. They're actually fun to read/fill in. My favorite? Well, I suggest your read them all. They're on a site called Minus Zero and a site called tenipuri_dotnet or something. I techinically have no favorite, but the ones I enjoy reading the most seem to be more from Tsukuji.

Yaoi is better, though. :P

My TO Do list is almost completed.

I believe that... no, I better not say anything more.

Except about how awful that Ring II was!

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I really should have only watched the first one and the Japanese one. *sigh* This movie really ruined it for me. I mean, I LAGUHED. When someone laughs in a horror movie, that's something wrong. I don't even watch horror that much, so I'm not used to it. Bleh.

I wish there were guidelines on how to approach people on a RP. I feel embarassed. Sis helps me out, though. If you're reading this little sister of mine, thank you. But please realize that if you're reading this, and I find out, you're risking pissing me off real good.
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Hyuuga Houses and American Idol

Okay, here's a real rant about Naruto. To be more specific, a rant about the Hyuuga houses.

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On an entirely different level, I am so happy Anwar, Mario, Scott, and Bo made it. (American Idol) I wasn't worried about Constantine. I do wish that they get rid of that boring guy. (Whose name I forgot) Sadly, David didn't make it. He had so much potnetial. :(

Boys are way more interesting than the girls this season.
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Rantings and a Fic

Yesh! I got a chapter of my GaaraLee fic done! Here it is:

You can go see it on my FF.net account. My SN is A.L.1. (Minus the period after the "1.")


Now, a random ranting about Naruto and... fandom! But which part? There's so many! Well, since there's so many parts and I have an opinion that nobody cares about, I'll randomly choose one!

And I decide that I have chosen none other than Naruto himself!

Aww damn. That's still a big topic. There's other fan opinions, how he's depicted in fanfiction, how he looks, his attitude, what his theme is, his new look, and etc.

I guess I'll choose what others think of him based on certain "facts."

Naw, nevermind. Too much work. I think I just mae a point that ranting about Naruto is too much work! >.<

What the hell, then.

American Idol: The boys are so good and stand out more than the girls! My favorites are Anwar, Mario, and David. (Don't vote off David. No!) I like the other boys, too. Maybe when they're each voted off, I'll type about what I loved about them and stuff. Until then, go Anwar! (Constantine and Bo are hella good, too. Bo DOES NOT look like a bum. >8(