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FMA and a warning

If you clicked this cut, you have to repost it in your journal, with one of the following in your cut tag;

1. Bailey got me pregnant
2. I made love to Bailey last night.
3. My boyfriend turned out to be gay
4. I got laid last night
5. My mom called me a whore
6. My mom found out I'm pregnant
7. My girlfriend is pregnant
8. Tips on giving head
9. Pussy eating 101
10. My dad found one of my used condoms

About the above... uh... yeah.

Anyway, a friend and I are planning to make a self-published comic based on manga style. She draws in a new style, but I prefer drawing the old-shool way. We'll see how this turns out. I'll keep you posted. Later on, after I finish reading it, I'll pimp her totally awesome FMA fanfic. (It's based on sceince and math and stuff. Very interesting if you like the sceintifical part of FMA. When I have time, maybe I'll get cracking on my own. *cracks knuckles*

Also, keep an eye out for when I review "The Boondocks." <--(Is is supposed to be italicized or quoted? I have no idea. -_-;)

BTW, at school today, this lady said some lies about sex that didn't seemt o be true. At science class today, we learned all the stuff wrong about what she said. So when people come to your school to preach, it really is best just to block them all out.
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