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100 Tenipuri Questions thingy

I feel like such a geek for doing this. Oh well. I guess I had fun...

Q1. What is your net handle?
I have no idea. BLeH. Pass. Sorry, but pass until I can figure out what the hell this is for sure. Does it mean like a type of net name? Uhh... A.L. ?

Q2. Do you engage in doujin activities? If so, what is the name of your circle?

Q3. Do you have a home page? If so, please share its address.
I have none. None at all. Except this journal and that don't seem to count.

Q4. How long have you known about "Tennis no Oujisama"?
I knew about it ever since I picked up Shonen Jump, and they mentioned the name somewhere.

Q5. What was your impression when you read "Tennis no Oujisama" the first time?
"How will this compare to that its anime version?"

Q6. How did you come to be obsessed with "Tennis no Oujisama"?
I became curious about Fuji Yuuta. I knew nothing about Shuusuke at the time. I still like Yuuta better. I guess I became first addicted when I watched the chibi episodes and wanted to know who that Yuuta character was.

Q7. Who is your favourite character?
Tooyama Kintaro. Wait, you haven't read the manga? Then, it's Akutsu Jin.

Q8. If you went on a date with the character from Q7, where would you go? (Note: The slash I added for those who are following the manga/anime.)
I would go wherever he goes. / I would go where he takes me.

Q9. If you went to watch a movie with the character from Q7, what would you watch?
Something quick. I doubt he'd want to stay in a movie theater all day. Except maybe action. I guess we'd watch a quick, action movie. / I say anything with lots of guns and stuff. Maybe a movie about the mafia. That might be good.

Q10. Is the character from Q7 the type to take his lessons seriously?
You're kidding me. The kid seems to suck at geography and reading Japanese He has trouble reading kanji! / No.

Q11. What sort of clothes do you want the character from Q7 to wear?
Something wild but fashionable enough so my eyes won't burn like it did when I saw Shitenhouji's uniform or Kintaro's ugly animal print tank top. / I would want Jin to wear some street clothes like a white tee and jeans.

Q12. Who would you like the character from Q7 to cosplay as?
I don't want him to cosplay. Cosplaying isn't right for him. / Akutsu cannot cosplay anyone but himself. It doesn't feel right.

Q13. What do you think the character from Q7 will do (occupation) in the future?
Bum? Ha, just kidding. He'll probably have some type of teaching or artistic career ahead of him. / I have a feeling that he'll end up working in his mother's shop in the end.

Q14. Share the favourite sayings of the character from Q7. (Give as many as you like!)
(Sorry, but I don't know the Japanese ways of saying some of what they say.)
"It's my treaure."
"What a gloomy guy."


"Don't tell me what to do."

Q15. Who is your second favourite character?
Dan Taiichi.

Q16. Which is your favourite school?
Rokkaku Chuu.

Q17. Share what you like about the school from Q16. (Give as many as you like!)
1) It's near a beach. A BEACH!
2) They have a freshman for a captain. They seem to be a school nice to freshmen. Likewise, their freshmen are friendly to them as well.
3) They seem to get along pretty well. I believe this school is the cloest to having a team where everyone is basically friends.
4) Amane Hikaru and Kurobane. They are so amusing.
5) They're so happy comapred to other schools.
6) Ojii-san is highly amusing and can kick ass in volleyball.
7) They lost gracefully - along with Seigaku - against elderly people.
8) Their captain reminds me of Lupin the 3rd. (I'm surprised Kawamura didn't say anything about that.)

Q18. Who is your favourite female character?
That's hard, because there are so many good ones. Sakuno (manga version) has been growing on me. Rinko has always been pretty cool. Sumire is downright amusing to me. Shiba is also admirable. Hell, even Tomoka amuses me. Everyone's saying An, though. And Hanamura's not that bad.

You know what, all in all, I'll choose Miyuki! She's the youngest, toughest, and she thought Tezuka sucked at tennis. I imagine that she will be one tough tennis player in the furture. And unlike Yuuta, I doubt that she'll be remembered for who she's related to. She will, however, be remembered for her relationship with Tezuka. She's also the only girl character in the manga that won some type of competition for sure. In the anime, Narumi wins a competition. For those reasons, Miyuki is my favorite character in the manga, and Narumi is my favorite character in the anime.

Q19. What is your favourite couple?
Chitose/Kippei for yaoi
Kamio/An for het
Fuji/cactus for OMGWTF?!!!

And for the most canon pairings:
Tennis racket/tennis ball
(I won't include my canon pairings in later questions. They're just here to show I really care about them.)

Q20. What do you think is the major coupling in the fandom?
Golden Pair and TezuFuji. Actually anything involving Tezuka, Fuji, or Atobe is basically the norm.

Q21. Regarding your favourite couple, share a fantasy you'd like to see. (Share whatever you like!)

I would so like them to play tennis in Okinawa together, and the loser has to eat a whole bowl of gouya on the line. (Kite replaces Inui by using gouya instead of juice.)

I'd also love to see what a pissed off Kippei would do to Chitose.

For An and Kamio, I would just like to see how An would have reacted if Fuji didn't come over and ruin the moment when Kamio was going to ask her out on a damn date!!!>:(

Then again, a date could get them in trouble. ^^;

For Fuji/cactus, I want to see Fuji get cacti in his eye.

Q22. What would you like to say to your favourite couple? (Give as many as you
"Hurry up and hook up, please. The other likes you very much. Give it a try. Kippei, don't kill Chitose and vice versa. An, try not to intimidate Kamio too much. And Fuji, be careful, because kissing cacti may cause pain in the lips."

Q23. What sort of place would fit your favourite couple?
A tennis court.

Q24. What is your favourite doubles combination?
I like Golden Pair. ONLY as a doubles pair.

Q25. Share your best three favourite scenes.
*When Tachibana becomes his old self.
*The appearance of Kintaro Tooyama. (You thought I forgot about him?)
*Ryoma speaking English during a match (both anime and manga)

Q26. Share your best three favourite lines.
"This sucks."
"I must be on crack da ne!"
"You still have much more to work on... Nobody beats me in tennis."

Q27. Do you have a favourite phrase for something like "I'm going to defeat you!"?
I don't have a favorite. Sorry :P

Q28. What is your favourite phrase?

Q29. If you were a student at Seigaku, what would you like to do?
Cry and try to call my parents so I can get out of Japan as soon as possible.

Q30. If you were a student at Seigaku, which class would you want to be in?
English class. Oh, class? Can I be in Inui's? That would be good, because everything would still be too easy, but I could learn something if I was in a third year class in junior high. I'm in high school though! I'd be bored! Maybe. I have no idea about the classes in Japan. I pray to God that it'll still be easy with kids two years younger than me.

Q31. Who would you want to be your lover?
I... have to choose... I don't think anyone there is really my type. I guess if I had to choose, it'd be Jackal. I like dark guys. ^______^

Q32. Who would you want to marry?
Atobe Keigo. He's rich, dude. RICH! He could have a lover, as long as I get some money.

Q33. Who would you want to be your older brother?
Fukushi Michiru. A stupid older brother would give me so much amusement with my years as a child, especially when he tries to give me loving advice, like taking mysterious colored liquids from people's bags.

Q34. Who would you want to be your younger brother?
Kaidoh Kaoru. He sees to be a nice, obedient child that would listen to his older siblings, even if he didn't like it. He's also traditional and would be great to embarass.

Q35. Who would you want to be your friend?
I would love to have Mizuki Hajime as my friend. Listening to him would make me so amused. That, and I could be my lazy self and hear him talk, while I just have to listen. I also doubt he'd use me, because he'd just find me useless and only use me to talk to. I could be, like, a teddy bear for him or something.

Q36. Who would you want to teach you tennis?
Okiraku-chan and his dad. Both are good and seem to be decent, normal people with no DBZ OMG(!!!) psycotic moves to teach me. ^^

Q37. You would like to say, "You're such a performer!" to this character.
Kadowaki from Makinofuji. Shinji's comment just did it in for me. I was about to say Atobe Keigo, but Atobe could at least walk the walk and talk the talk. Kadowaki can't. He just gets beaten by Shinji. =P

Q38. Which two schools would you like to see in a tournament? (It can also be a re-match from a previous meeting.)
Give me some Fudoumine vs. Hyoutei (with all their REAL regulars)
Of course, I still am highly anticipating Fudoumine and Shitenhouji.

Q39. Which match left the strongest impression on you?
The manga version of the Kirihara and Fuji match. That blew me away, because I have never seen so much characterization with so much on the line. The only thing that came close would probably be Atobe and Tezuka, but I still think that was based more on winning, being the best, and reaching a hard-earned goal. I actually saw Kirihara and Fuji play for themselves, and I thought that was awesome.

Q40. You would like to say, "Hey, you're SO not a junior high school student!" to this character.
Ojii-san. Wait. He doesn't count? Damn. Uh... Sanada Genichiro? No offense, but he is a fun-sucker and seems to forget that he is a junior high student sometimes.

Q41. This character looks the best with glasses. (It's okay if he doesn't wear glasses.)
Muromachi. If he didn't have his glasses, he'd look like a "reverse panda!" XDDDD

Q42. You would like to protect this character the most.
The tennis ball. That poor thing is abused horribly everyday- Wait. That doesn't count either? Uh... Sakuno. She always seem to run into trouble.

Q43. This character has the best sense in clothes.
It's a tie between Chitose and Tomoka.

Q44. This character hates alcohol the most.
Kevin Smith. The drink of the devil ruined his father and life. If he ever gets the chance, he would take that alcohol and throw it all in the garbage.

Q45. This character will look best in women's clothes.
Ryuuzaki Sumire. In old lady clothes. I swear, she'd look great.

Q46. This character is good at cooking.
Kikumaru Eiji. He can at least fry an egg. I know that for sure. Everyone else is highly questionable. (Kawamura doesn't count. He does sushi. That's not cooking. Isn't that considered something else? Or am I getting my canotation wrong?)

Q47. This character has the worst luck.
Kaidou and Sakuno. They always seem to run into trouble. At least Kaidou could protect himself. Sort of. Screw it, they're both doomed.

Q48. This character is cheap (frugal).
Ojii-san. I bet you he but those trees down himself, because he doesn't want to pay for all the wood. He makes great rackets, but you know it was all for the price. I bet you he didn't even ask for help, because he was afraid someone would try to ask him for money for it.

Q49. This character hates waking up in the morning.
Okiraku-chan. He takes the cake. I bet you Taizou runs from him in the mornings.

Q50. If there's an earthquake, this character'll be the first to run.
Jackal. Not that he'd afraid, but I have a feeling he might not know what to do. I don't believe that Brazil has many earthquakes, and I'm not sure how many drills he participated in.

Q51. This character always leaves his umbrella in the club room.
Ryoma. He puts all his stuff in his tennis bag that I doubt he could fit his umbrella in there. And if it's not in his tennis bag, he'd probably forget.

Q52. This character always leaves his textbooks in the class room.
Kintaro Tooyama. Maybe that's why he has such poor grades.

Q53. I think this character is the type who is best at healing others.
The really minor character, Oishi's uncle, who fixed up Tezuka's elbow but barely received any recognition.

Q54. In fact, this character is a natural idiot (fool).
Fukushi Michiru. I'm sorry. He's just... dumb. Really.

Q55. This character likes to tease the most.
Tachibana Kippei for most of the series. I mean, he did it out of fear, but I think he enjoyed not showing what he can completely do.

Q56. This character has the worst personality.
Ibu Shinji. He's way too much of a pessimist. Honestly. Then again, ther's Kitamura who's just pretty much an overconfident jerk.

Q57. I think this character can't take hot food.
Kikumaru Eiji. He didn't seem to take Fuji's wasabi sushi well. (Of course, neither did most of the team.)

Q58. If you can master one of the tennis techniques from "Tennis no Oujisama," which would you like?
Inui's waterfall. That way, people would watch in awe as I godmod. Or Oishi territory. I admit that it would be fun to make people hit the ball out and predict and plan moves like chess.

Q59. I think this tennis technique is the coolest!
Kaidou's technique is pretty cool. Tiring out opponets then crushing them is a great technique.

Q60. I think this character is the most well-to-do (money-wise).
You're freaking kidding me. Who didn't put down Atobe Keigo?

Q61. This character has the best grades.
I bet it's Tezuka and Sanada.

Q62. On the other hand, this character has the worst grades.
Kintaro Tooyama. I feel so bad. I bet you he really isn't that bright school-wise. ;_;

Q63. I would like to take off this character's clothes.
Nobody. That's so wrong. No, just no.

Q64. This character looks the best in a suit.
Sakaki Tarou. Old people + suits = ^______^

Q65. This character looks the best in a kimono.
The Kisarazu twins would look best in a kimono.

Q66. This character gives the strongest inspiration.
Miyuki. She grew so much in so few chapters. ^_^

Q67. This character gives no inspiration whatsoever.
Fuji Shuusuke. I have barely any connection to him. He's too fictional, especially his anime counterpart.

Q68. This character will donate to the "Protect the Animals Fund."
Atobe Keigo.

Q69. A drawing question! Who would you like to draw the most?
Sakuno. She's pretty easy.

Q70. On the other hand, who would you like to draw the least?
Fuji S. You see, with Fuji, you have to make an effort on his face, because you can't make him look to good. You have to make him just ugly enough to have that Fuji feel, and it's difficult to get him to look like that, well, Fuji.

Q71. A writing question! Which character do you grasp the best?
I like to think Oishi, because I have my own sense for the character. It's hard to write him and convince people it's him, because of the stereotypes I don't place him in. Also, I like to think I do well with Akutsu Jin for the same reason.

Q72. I think this character will most likely lose his hair (start balding?) in the future.
Sanada. He's a child acting like an adult and with the way he acts, he'll own less hair than Jackal in no time.

Q73. Which school do you think has the best uniform design?
Fudoumine, because their shirts go really high up to the point where you can see the shoulder! J/K Actually, it has hoods and it's black. That's like, ghetto, and stuff. They even have front pockets, man! It's a sweatshirt pretending to be a tennis uniform!

Q74. I think this seiyuu suits this character the best. (It's okay if it's different from the anime.)
I think Gackt would suit Chinen the best if he were to ever get animated. (It's a joke! A joke, I tell ya!)

Q75. I think of this pair as "if they were paired for doubles, they will be the strongest!"
Niou and Oishi. They'd be overkill in doubles. Niou has a good judgement and Oishi has great support. Niou would probably understand anything Oishi would be doing in the back. If Niou was in the back, his skilled judgement and trickery would only help Oishi's game making skills in the front. Of course, this is only assuming they'd actually play with each other. (Edit: This question and answer just gave me a plot bunny. *goes off to write with no plan of posting it anytime soon*)

Q76. This character is most likely to use perfume. By the way, what perfume do you think?
Shiba. She's young and attractive enough to get a date. She probably would wear a rich scent to impress people in formal ocassions.

Q77. What do you think the Seigaku Tennis Club club room smells like?
It would smell like air. Those windows are not there for nothing!

Q78. What do you think the St. Rudolph club room smells like?
Holy water.

Q79. What do you think the Fudomine club room smells like?
Like club room.

Q80. What do you think the Yamabuki club room smells like?
It would probably smell like a bathroom.

Q80a. What do you think Hyotei Club room smells like? (who made this and left out Hyotei!?)
Air freshener XD Actually, I'd think it would smell like soap, because there's probably someone cleaning it regularly.

Q81. This character has such a brief appearance!
Satoshi from Rokkaku and Tezuka's family. Do all the characters from Shitenhouji count? I pick the bald one with glasses who smiles a lot.

Q82. Would you like to drink Inui's Special Deluxe Vegetable Juice?
Yes. I can handle bitter melon. Let's see how I do against vegetable juice!

Q83. Would you like to drink Inui's Special Deluxe Penal-Tea?

Q84. What class were you in when you were in junior high?
Would do you mean? In my school, our classes continuously changed. I had several classes. I don't understand what you're talking about.

My graduating class? We were okay. That was it. We were kinda fun, though.

Q85. What club did you join when you were in junior high?
None. Except for that community service commitment to tutor. That was it. I don't think it was a club, though.

Q86. How many "Tennis no Oujisama" doujinshi do you own?

Q87. Did you take part in any (club/student) recruiting activities?

Q88. Have you written Konomi-sensei a fan letter before?

Q89. Do you buy Weekly Jump every week?

Q90. Which of the comics covers do you like the most?
The fifth cover of the American, VIZ version. I like both covers. For the Japanese, I like the Hyoutei one. (#28)

Q91. Which chapter opening picture do you like the most?
I like that one where Oishi is sitting next to a bowling bowl and has this look of coniving thoughts in his head.

Q92. Which character would you like to cosplay?
Gakuto. Fact: I'm shorter than him. >.<

Q93. What development to you wish for from now on?
I wish for Fudoumine to win Nationals, but it doesn't look like that will happen any time soon. I hope to at least see a Tooyama vs. Echizen match where Ryoma gets betaen and learns something. Anything. As long as he also learns defeat. Just pure defeat from one of his peers.

Q94. Write a haiku with the theme of "Tennis no Oujisama."
The ball falls from high
The wind rustles and sweeps down
The crowd claps loudly.

(The above is a genuine sucky haiku. Take a picture.)

Q95. Besides "Tennis no Oujisama," please recommend other manga titles.
(Go for old school!) Banana fish, Video Girl Ai, Steam Detectives, Fushigi Yuugi, Urusei Yatsura, Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga, Uzumaki, and, of course, Lone Wolf and Cub. Shame on you if you haven't read Lone Wolf and Cub at least once. At least try it. It's great! I just have to find the rest. If you want to go for sports, I suggest Slam Dunk. If you want pure, genuine crack sports manga, go for Harlem Beat and Rebound. (Don't get me wrong; it is pretty good.) Everything you ever wanted is there. Even crossdressing and yakuza. <- not lying

Q96. What do you think of the anime?
It's crack. The animation was very nice in the beginning. The story in the end began to suck. Tezuka shouldn't have gone to Germany. They really should have thought of other things. That, and the anime only helped the stereotypes. I hate way they made Americans. However, it's still fun to watch.

Q97. Please share a message you'd like to give to Konomi-sensei.
Try not to stress yourself, but please make sure you finish the series without the average ending for a sports manga.

Q98. Please recommmend a "Tennis no Oujisama" doujinshi.
I don't know a specific title, but I believe those that are good usually are made by well-known rings. I don't usually look at fan doujinshi.

Q99. Please recommend a "Tennis no Oujisama" fan site.
Love Complicated (A Yuushi/Gakuto site)

Q100. That's all! Please share your thoughts.
This was fun, but it's late. I may change this later on if my views change. I hope those who read it enjoy, Thank you for your time.

Question: Are the 100 questions a meme?

BTW, there is less than 48 hours until I can enjoy the new show, the Boondocks! I hope it's good. I mean, I hear they animated it in Korea.

Lastly, I have an annonuncement to make:

I watch anime.

That is all and good night.
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