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Rantings and a Fic

Yesh! I got a chapter of my GaaraLee fic done! Here it is:

You can go see it on my FF.net account. My SN is A.L.1. (Minus the period after the "1.")


Now, a random ranting about Naruto and... fandom! But which part? There's so many! Well, since there's so many parts and I have an opinion that nobody cares about, I'll randomly choose one!

And I decide that I have chosen none other than Naruto himself!

Aww damn. That's still a big topic. There's other fan opinions, how he's depicted in fanfiction, how he looks, his attitude, what his theme is, his new look, and etc.

I guess I'll choose what others think of him based on certain "facts."

Naw, nevermind. Too much work. I think I just mae a point that ranting about Naruto is too much work! >.<

What the hell, then.

American Idol: The boys are so good and stand out more than the girls! My favorites are Anwar, Mario, and David. (Don't vote off David. No!) I like the other boys, too. Maybe when they're each voted off, I'll type about what I loved about them and stuff. Until then, go Anwar! (Constantine and Bo are hella good, too. Bo DOES NOT look like a bum. >8(
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