November 13th, 2005

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Shameless Advertising

I swear someone may shoot me for this.

Okay, so I've been getting into the Boondocks more and more lately. Therefore, I'm here to share with you all this:

If you've ever heard of it or not, are not sensitive, are from the United States, like politics,and you don't already like or hate it, please check it out. It's still growing, but the community on the forum is nice. Take a look! You might enjoy. Also, go watch the Boondocks today at 11 PM (pacific time).

*end of shameless adveristing*

On the other hand, I'm not too much in a good mood about FMA. Somebody might have spoiled the ending for me!!!!!!!!!! Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, she told me there was an alternative ending and so and so was supposed to happen in this alternative ending. But because I've heard what happpened in the alternative ending I've never heard existed before, I think I know the ending and I feel so upset! However, I m slowly tricking myself into thinking that what my friend (she told me the alternative ending) is a lie (she heard this from another member of the anime club) and I'm starting to gain interest again. FMA is one of the anime that I love and never ever want to get spoiled on (which is why I'm very selective about what fanart and fanfiction I read, which is barely). I guess what I should start doing is guess what the movie is about and get my friend to give me the rest of FMA so I could finish the series and see what is true and what is false. Maybe I can still enjoy what's left for me to watch!

Sorry for the rant. Actually, this was how I was on the day I heard it. (Friday) Now, I'm all calmed down, and I'm just going to enjoy the rest of the series. And hopefully, someone I know could get me the movie once I'm done. Even more hopefully, the spoiler was a lie. Besides, as long as I don't know the end to Neon Genesis Evangelion, I'll stay happy and sane. ^_^