October 25th, 2005

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20 things post!

20 facts about the future of the Tenipuri

1) Although most of the boys and girls get married, start a career, or pursue a dream, a tiny percentage ends in tragedy.
2) One of these characters does not include Fuji Shusuke, but they do involve Aoi Kentaro and Akutagawa Jiroh. However, Dan Taiichi was so sorry; he didn’t mean to…
3) Despite popular belief, the Hyoutei regulars did not stay together… Except for Oshitari Yuushi and Gakuto Mukahi but that’s another story.
4) Echizen Ryoma finally realized his true love for tennis. Unfortunately, the love was only subtle, and he soon made it merely a school activity and never became serious. However, he did find a new love – skateboarding. (He never got married to a Japanese girl, much to his father’s dismay. Fortunately, Rinko is quite interested in having a Korean for a daughter-in-law.)
5) Shiba Saori is one of the few people who get married. She did NOT get married to Inoue. She did, however, get married to one of Kikumaru Eiji’s older brothers.
6) Tezuka Kunimitsu and Oishi Shuiichiro remained comrades, even after the Golden Pair split up. Tezuka’s becoming a pro, and Oishi’s his personal doctor. Tezuka pays him with his house, car, belongings, and his heart.
7) Saint Rudolph Junior High closed down because of a lack of students. Fortunately, Saint Rudolph’s parish got constructed instead. In a few more years, Mizuki Hajime will be participating actively in the church – as a priest.
8) In professional tennis, there are only a few people who can compete with Tezuka Kunimitsu (in Japan): Kirihara Akaya, Ibu Shinji, a newly-awakened Tachibana Kippei, Yukimura Seiichi, and, his fiercest opponent ever, a young lady named Miyuki.
9) Despite all the strong players, only three of the characters in #8 have a chance in worldwide tournaments.
10) Had he stayed alive, Atobe Keigo might have been one of them.
11) Kiraku Yasuyuki may have been one of them, but Kirihara Akaya changed that. Since then, Akaya owns less hair than Jackal.
12) Speaking of Jackal Kuwahara, he never went back to Brazil. He’s still trying to find a way out of Mexico after Niou Masaharu lost his visa.
13) All the boys of Higa Chuu have perused a career in stardom or activism. Kite was the only one successful. Never did Japan see a bigger explosion.
14) The Oshitari family finally resolved their differences and conflicts after Oshitari Kenya shot himself. (They thought it was suicide, but it was actually a justified accident.)
15) Tooyama Kintaro helped #14 happen. He never shed a single tear again except after Horio Junpei got hurt in an accident. They’re still good buddies, and Horio Junpei has 22 years of biking experience now.
16) The freshmen trio did become regulars. Now, they’re a famous trio of entertainers similar to the three stooges.
17) Shishigaku finally became the winners of the Nationals… After Ryoma graduated from junior high.
18) Two years after Ryoma graduates high school, tennis becomes increasingly unpopular. Strangely enough, the two sports that become even more popular are volleyball and… bowling.
19) Of the many students playing bowling, some of them include some very familiar people’s little sisters.
20) Ojii, Sakaki Tarou, Ryuuzuki Sumire, and Banji are still alive.