October 21st, 2005

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Old Fanfic

The following is an old fanfic I wrote a long time ago. I remembered how my first fanfics were in the 2nd grade. Those are with me, and I never published them. However, I still have some of my old stuff in my ff account. I can't say I'm proud of some of them, but I'm glad I finally posted. However, because it's in script format, I'm going against the rules of FF.net. I don't like breaking rules. Therefore, I am placing the fic here, in it's new home, where people can hate or love the damn thing. It's not my forst, but it's one of my earlier ones, and I love to look at my beginnings, because they are important to how I am. It's only now that I realize I am making run-on sentences just talking about it. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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It's quite painful, isn't it? The following is unedited and shall never be changed. It's to be preserved forever. May this be a symbol, sign, and reminder to me.
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