September 2nd, 2005

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Katrina and quiz results

After hearing about the effects of Katrina, I hope everyone prays for the best and contributes in the best ways they can. Lastly, if anyone knows about what happened to the Mercy school in Mississippi, that would be helpful if you tell me. Thank you.

You daydream because you like to think and ponder
about things. You daydream simply to think. You
are one of the smart ones that finds interests
in things others would find boring. Daydreaming
is your way of pondering, your time to wonder
about things.

Why do you daydream? (pics)
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A CORVETTE. You are a normal person. But you are
soo handsome, people easily fall in love with
you. You have a warm and kind heart, and know
your way with the girls. You are also romantic.

What car are you? for guyz! (pics)
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