May 28th, 2005

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Fiesta and graduation

The class of 2005 is graduating from my school, now. I'll really miss them. They are my favorite class. I looked up to them like older siblings. Although I'm glad finals is finally over, I still will miss them so much, because they'll be gone. :( I'm glad I get to keep in touch with some of them. But if some seiors that got to graduate could actually graduate, that means there's some hope for me. ^_^

I finally got Saiyuki! (It's about time. I know. -_-) The dubs burned my ears and made me want to kill Goku. They girls were drawn nicely, though. I'm happy we finally have it. ^^

Sis's Fiesta de Colores could have been better. Some cultures became brutally murdered that way. (Figuratively speaking, of course.) I'm glad the American and Filipino culture was savaged, and the Nicaraguan was safe somewhat. Maybe I'm judging middle schoolers too harshly, though.