April 24th, 2005

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Anwar is kicked off... I didn't really want to do much afterwards. It looks like I'll have to be cheering for Vonzelle and Constantine now.

Sis needs to download more Sukisho and find the rest of that darn dango recipe. >.<

I realized that the more I read an author's DN, the more I like their DN's. I don't think I'll type who I prefer as of now. Favoritism is favoritism no matter what word or phrase you use. I also feel that I screwed my own DN. I won't type anymore about this until the results show up.

I saw the school musical. Personally, the story and how the people performed were great. Gypsy Rose Lee, I'm now interested in your biography.

I'm also such a dork. I watched the All That reunion and got so excited. Heh heh. Some of the things on that show still make me laugh a bit.