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Back From Vegas

I returned from Las Vegas yesterday. Let me tell ya: It was so fun! I went to at least 3 Outlet stores and bought more than I usually do when I go shopping. I was able to get a dress, some jeans, underwear, pajamas, and a designer shirt for a very good price. I also got to eat at a new buffet at a new hotel called M. My family and I drove all the way to Red Rock Canyon. It was so beautiful, it can't be described with words. There was sedimentary rock everywhere and large streaks of red everywhere. It was amazing seeing people actually scale and hike all over the canyon. It was probably child's play to them. It's made me want to go check out some hiking trails, maybe take a look at those easy ones. Now, if only I had someone to come with me. If only my IRL friends actually had the same vacations schedule as me. :<

We also drove all the way to Hoover Dam. My gosh, it was huge. I was a little afraid to look all the way down. It's a long way down from the top. There's also a bridge being made above it. The workers had to be strapped while working on it. I hope they are being paid well for risky work like that, but I'm not sure. I gambled a little myself, but not with my life. I played a few slots, but it's overrated. Those machines are just so unbelievably stacking the odds against you, I might as well just have bought more stuff at the malls. Also, I saw the Mentalist. It's a show, and it was very good. He was very open about how he did his tricks. It's scary how much knowing about the human mind can lead people to do amazing magic tricks.

All in all, the trick was enjoyable. My only regret was that I never got my first alcoholic drink. Then again, if you offer free drinks, don't tell me I have to pay a dollar for a Midori Sour!

Oh, and some of you may already know this, but I'm a huge fan of the Boondocks. So, Boondocks fans? Watch this trailer!

Still no sign of Michael Ceasar, but it's been making me want to scan all my Boondocks comic collections and RP his comic version. God, I hope he appears this season. He's my favorite character of the series!

Also, I started watching Doctor Who. Why didn't I start watching before? It's so a great series! It'll be something to watch after Ugly Betty wraps up its series.
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