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Busy Busy Busy

I have been SO busy lately. I mean, damn! I think it really was a good idea to drop myself out of the BR RP. I just have no time anymore. I think I might quit myself out of all the RPs I am in. I just don't have the time, and this is AFTER I finished my school year.

Anyway, tomorrow is the dreaded SATs. I hate being so negative about it, but I honestly don't think it reflects intelligence. The ironic part about it is that this test might be my best bet to a good school. Apparently, my grades are dropping, because I suck at time management. I'll be working on it extra-hard next year. I barely got by with all the Bs I know I have now. my grades dropped, and that's going to look bad, especially since I know I could do better if I could just manage my damn time well. >.<

Anyway, I'm relying on a system I don't like, because it's my only hope, seeing that I did pretty good on my last SAT. This is the second time I'm taking it, because I believe my math grade could be better. Once I start getting the hang of my schedule for the summer, I'll start putting up some hints and tips for test-takers.

Note to self: GIVE Freezie pleasy Fishie!!!!!!!!!!11111111111

Now, for something completely different, I've been noticing, that, as of late, I am starting to confused politicians with each other. This is not good. Therefore, for a school assignment and for my own love of politics, I will start reading the newspaper more. Yup! A.L. will start reading the newspaper more. If I ever see an interesting article, I might bring it up. Yeah.

Lastly, I don't know how (I think Blue Beetle and Booster Gold had something to do with it. No, it was actually Guy Gardener.) but I think DC comics is beginning to grow on me. Only some, though, like Batman and the Justice League International and the Flash. Sadly, I still think a lot of superheroes are corny. That doesnt' make them less entertaining.

However, Marvel > DC for me. Spiderman will always be the best superhero for me. ^_^

Also, in recent news, I hear there are little banners for those who are reading Civil War. (Marvel Comic book series) I haven't bought Civil War yet, because the local comic book store decided to move downtown. >.< Damn it. I'm going with Captain America for this one. Iron Man, I've always been a fan of you, but right now, Captain America is making more sense. Sorry. Then again, I always thought that Captain America > Iron Man. As soon as I finish making this post, I plan to put up the Captain America banner to replace the Kotetsu and Izumo icon, because that fanlisting has sadly passed away. ;_;

Maybe I should put up some pretty colorbars, too. Maybe I can find a Boondocks one or a Full Metal Panic one. (We're finally watching it.)

BTW, if anyone is reading this, tell me, am I the only one whose parents give them the chore of going to the book shop and see if Tenjou Tenge 6 is finally out? Am I?
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