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Well, I've got my fighting spirit back! So, that is a very good thing.

Now, onto some fun stuff. Apparently, in Danny Phantom, there's going to be this new character called Gregor, a goth from Russia. The thought of him pisses me off, so I'm pushing the DP fandom aside for a minute. Although, once the movie airs, I'll probably start that DP RP I've been thinking of making.


Now, I gotta get back to the PoT fandom again. Why? I just say Genius 306. Kintaro is teh BOMB!!! He's not my favorite character for nothing. The scary part, though, is that Kintaro fell out of a tree. I did an RP where this happened. Apparently, Konomi and I think Kintaro is like a monkey. Damn it. >.<

However, if Kintaro and Ryoma play together now, that means that Shitenhouji may not win against Rikkaidai. Hell, Shitenhouji might not win against Fudoumine either. (This is more of wishful thinking, but I'm okay with that.) Personally, if I find out that Kintaro's game wasn't the last, I'll be happy. I eagerly want to see Chitose and Kippei play it out.

Either way, as long as Kintaro and Ryoma play each other some time in this series. I don't mind waiting. However, if Kintaro and Ryoma pull off a anime Sanada story, I'll be pissed. If Kintaro pummels Ryoma like how Sanada does in the anime, only to have Ryoma kick his ass later, this would ruin the series for me. Seriously. Although, I do see a slim possibility of it working it out that well in a very nice fashion. Anyway, whatever happens will definitely go into my PoT essays. (The ones about Ryoma's rivals.)

And BTW, I'll be participating in the All Japan PoT contest. I'm definitely entering the Tenipuri 2010 category. However, it might be possible that I might find myself capable of entering other ones as well. I hope I do well, because my Tenipuri 2010 story was something I've been working on before the All Japan contest occurred. I'll give you one hint for the two main characters in this story:

* The first character, who is probably the protaganist, I consider very similar to my little sister.

*The second character, who is the physical anatganist, is a character not too many people know and only appears in the manga. However, there is a chance that an appearance will probably be made in the OVA.

The story will occur five years in the future. It has to be five years, because that's very important. A lot has happened in five years. Yeah.

Anyway, I've recently saw the end of FMA. I didn't like it. I look forward only to the movie and manga now. I actually would enjoy the manga more if only my sister stopped complaining about how off the anime is the manga. The anime series was still good! Geez...

Samurai Champloo's ending was okay. It fit, though I felt a bit bad about where the characters went in the end.

I don't know what's not to like about Neon Genesis's ending. I thought it was the best! It didn't have any action in it, but since when was Neon Genesis more about action and less on drama and psychological stuff? And for the most part, I think I knew why my dad wouldn't let me watch many of the episodes when I was just a child.

Oh, and for the record, Shinji and Kaworu are not gay; they just love each other.

(You don't know how much the above statement cracks me up.)
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