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So, I haven't been feeling too well lately. I blame these blasted headaches I've been getting recently. It felt really bad today, but I am feeling better lately. I wasn't even able to see my mom as I thought I would be able to. Oh well. At least I am recovering, and Mom understands. We'll have other times to hang out.
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My little sister just graduated yesterday. I am so proud. I am even going to use the fuzzy icon she made me when she was little. Now excuse me while I go hug her again.
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Sad, Love Collage, Ai Kora

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Hid a secret I thought was better kept hidden in retrospect. It still made me feel better. My laptop's computer screen is now messed up. I think I might need a new computer finally. Ah well. At least Nanay seems to have made a full recovery.

Back From Vegas

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Oh, and some of you may already know this, but I'm a huge fan of the Boondocks. So, Boondocks fans? Watch this trailer!

Still no sign of Michael Ceasar, but it's been making me want to scan all my Boondocks comic collections and RP his comic version. God, I hope he appears this season. He's my favorite character of the series!

Also, I started watching Doctor Who. Why didn't I start watching before? It's so a great series! It'll be something to watch after Ugly Betty wraps up its series.

Sick AGAIN >.

So, I haven't been feeling very well these past few days. Therefore, I wish to give a little advice to anyone who's reading this. If you know you're grandmother's house is full of children that's sick. Don't visit when they are around, even if she cooked your favorite dish. That is all.

Here's hoping I get better soon. I feel like crap.

I haven't been so excited.

Hey, guys. Guess what? As of now, I am officially registered to go to school again. Now, all I have to do is wait for the PIN and whatever information they're supposed to send me and the enrollment can begin. >:3

Ironically, I bet I'll have more free time while I'm in school than when I'm out. I always seem to plan my time better that way. Ah well.

RP Dilemna

Okay, so the RPs I've been wanting to app at are bubblevoid , discedo , station_square , and toontown_rpg . Now, I'm just having a few problems with this.

First, I've been meaning to app Mr. Immortal to bubblevoid . Unfortunately, the community, scans_daily , has been suspended. Therefore, I have to wait until I get back home and collect my old issues GLA tradebacks before I toontown_rpg play him, because I have this thing about having a constant canon source for characters that I play. I guess I don't trust myself to sometimes stray on the side of fanon at points. Oh dear. On the bright side, I'll be bringing in STC!Mighty there sooner. However, I've been very, very tempted to bring in an AU Espio that I've been developing for a while. Yup, I've made another one. God damn it. At least this one has more of a canon presence behind it.

With discedo , I'll be honest. I don't know who to bring. I'm interested, but really, who? Something tells me a Sega!Mighty I've been thinking about might work there, but I've been itching to play AoStH somewhere. I've been wanting to do a slapstick character for the longest time. In all acutality, though, I'm not even sure if the first character I'm going to bring would even be from the Sonic fanon. I've been looking into brining Sailor Saturn or even Zappa from Guilty Gear there.

Oh, boy, station_square . Where do I even begin? Okay, let's just put aside my insecurity of my RPing and characterization. I'm completely torn about who to play. It's between a Sega Espio and a Sega Big. I've played Sega Espio before, and I know what I've done wrong with him after making several mistakes. Several mistakes. Now, I know better, and I know exactly how I should play him. Big, on the other hand, is a complete wild card. I haven't played him in SA and I haven't finished Chronicles. I really wanted to finish Chronicles and play him in IMR until my DS with my game in it got stolen. Now that it's been replaced, I can finish the game and consider Big. Still, I could play Espio now, but I'd have to beat the game (which you just lost) before I can play Big. Decision, decisions. I think I'm just afraid I'll fail at Espio. Again. Ah, well. I always have Eggman and a few other non-Sega characters to play.

Finally, the last one is easy. I want to play Betty Boop, Daffy Duck, and Mio at toontown_rpg . 'Nough said.

We'll just have to see what happens.


Self-Concrit Post

Okay, I've been meaning to do this for a while. With all the wank I've seen coming up recently, I've decided to post this now, rather than some time in the future. Because many RPers seem to be a bit insecure and are very critical of themselves (myself included), I've decided that who best to get crit from then yourself?

Here's basically what's going to happen:

In this post, I will evaluate myself as an RPer, talking about my strengths and my weaknesses and discussing them. For my strengths, I will talk about what I could do to keep it up and what I should avoid in an effort to prevent failure. For my weaknesses, I will talk about how I can improve upon this and and how to NOT DO IT. I will discuss other aspects of RPing and where I stand on it. This goes not only for RPing but also for how I interact OOCly as well.

Then, I will reply to this entry with each character that I play and evaluate the way I play with this character. This post will also be in a constant state of updating and editing. Should I continue RPing for several months to come, I shall make another post.

  • Metagaming:  I hate to admit it, but I think I've been guilty of this sin. This is a big no-no on my part. I think I've been doing this without meaning to and with no intention of doing so. It was only after looking at past tags have I realized what I have been doing. I am going to do my best to shape up. I just have to watch and remember what the characters themselves know. In this case, it's just a matter of being careful.
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