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wEeKeNd nD tOdAy [22 Aug 2005|10:56am]
[ mood | mIsS mY bAbY ]

fRiDaY...i was with Nick all day me nick big nick monica nd dom went out to eat nd then we went back to Nicks dads nd then we went nd got Strazz nd we went to go see FOUR BROTHERS again i cried again im such a lil bitch lol..then they droped me off then nick called me nd we was on the phone for a lil then i went to sleep

sAtUrDaY..i went over Nicks dads at like 1 nd we were just chillen there then strazz came over then jess nd her friend came over so it was me nick big nick monica michelle jess strazz dom heather but michelle left we played a game but i cant think what its called rite now..i 4get what else we did...then big nick took me home nd i talked to nick on the phone then went to bed

sUnDaY..nick came over nd then at 6 Nicks dad strazz nd dom came nd got us nd we went to monicas she was having like a go away party cuz shes leaving for college we just chilled then later on we was watching white chicks then at like 12 something we left nd i got droped off then i was on the phone with nick for like 5 mins i wanted him to go to bed cuz he has work..i just watched moesha then went to bed..

tOdAy..i woke up early cuz nick called me nd after we got off the phone i couldnt go to sleep cuz i started to miss nick a i came on the computer nd checked my myspace comments nd was just looking at things nd then watched maury nd rite now im just typing all of at 3 nicks coming over hopefully at 1 till 6 i gotta babysit..then nicks hockey game then laguna beach :) well let me end this here pEaCe bAbEs..<3

♥ nO OnE cAn bE lIkE [mE] nD [yOu] ♥
mArY lOvEs nIcK o5.27.o5 tIlL fOrEvEr


I lOvE nIcK..<3 [18 Aug 2005|01:12am]
[ mood | blah ]

tOday i babysat from 1 till 5:30 with Nick..then at 5:30 i got ready for his hockey game..then his dad came nd picked us up nd we went up there nd there was all this drama dont feel like getting in to that but anyway Nick didnt play hockey cuz they said they couldnt play but then everyones parents was yelling nd shit so they changed their minds nd r going to let them then Nicks friend Stel ( Matt ) came up there nd then we all went to mickey dees then we had to take Jason home so we did then Matt let Nick drive hahaha it was so funny he was in the backseat with me all scared nd he was holding on to the seat i just kept laughing but i gotta give it to my baby hes a good driver...then Matt took us to his dads nd we went in nd Big Nick, Monica, Michelle, nD Michelles friend sry i 4get her name was watching Guess Who so me nd Nick layed down nd watched it it was a good movie. after the movie Big Nick took me home nd then i came online nd was just talking to Nick but he got off to go to im really really bored rite now nd i dont have nuttin else to say so ill end this here..peace babes..xOox


xOox tOdAy xOox [16 Aug 2005|11:01pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Lets see all i really did was chill with Nick lol like always...i babysat from 1 till 6:15 then me nD Nick was watching bad boys 2 then the teen choice awards came on so we watched that i was so excited when Jesse McCartney came on stage it would of been better tho if he sang but atleast he was on hes so effin sexy lol..bewteen the awards me nd Nick were fighting so he left nd i was so mad but then he called me nd we finally stop fighting..then i watched the real world...nd now im just on the comp checking my myspace nd im talking on the phone with Nick..<3..well im about to make something to eat nd then im going to bed..bye babes..xOox

uR mY eVeRyThInG..mY hOpEs n dReAmS
bAbYu kNo iT aInT nO LiE..iM gOnNa b w.u TiL tHe dAy tHaT i DiE
nIcK I lOvE yOu sO mUcH bAbY..o5.27.o5..TiLl fOrEvEr..<33


I wAnT a xAnGa [16 Aug 2005|12:36pm]
[ mood | loved ]

I rather have an xanga well i have one but i dont know how to fix it up nd stuff so i guess this will just have to do for now..i del all of my old entrys cuz i was reading them nd they were just so stupid nd i didnt mean nuttin that i said in them so i decide to del them...ok well anyway lets see yesterday i babysat Mikey from 12 till 6:30 at 2 me my sister Ndauntas nd Mikey nd my nephew Damiew went to the park it was so hot out so we came home nd my sister put the pool outfront for Damien nD Mikey nd they were just in there nd i was just sitting on the pourch waiting for Nick to come finally he did nd then we went in Mikeys house nd was just watching movies nd then it became 6:30 so me nd Nick went to my house i got a shower nd then we were eating then we watched Cry Baby ( love that movie so much Johnny Depp is so sexy in that movie) then we watched the eAgLeS pReSeAoN but i really didnt wanna cuz TO wasnt there..then laguna beach came on so we watched it then my sweet 16 then at 10:45 my baby left me :( when he left i just finished watching my sweet 16 nd then he called me nd we was on the phone nd then it was like 12 something so we just got off the phone nd then i went to bed...that was my lovely day lol...well im about to go babysit so ill write in here later...pEaCe bAbEs..xOox

mArY lOvEs nIcK
TiLl fOrEvEr nD eVeR


[21 Jun 2005|12:54am]
mArY lOvEs nIcK
TiLl fOrEvEr nDd eVeR
♥ ♥ ♥

LAYOUT! [21 Dec 2004|05:30pm]
[ mood | chipper ]




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