aren't you tired of being weak? such rage that you could scream all the stars

right out of the sky and destroy the prettiest starry night....

28 June
+ im anna.
+ im 17.
+ i like pretty colors. like hot pink.
+ im a GIRL.
+ i like short skirts and knee-high striped socks.
+ i own king street. i like to strut my stuff with chrissy. (were not prostitutes. i swear, we just like king street.)
+ i like to think im cool.
+ i like music, especially punk, emo, hardcore, metal, ya know.
+ Ace of Base, The Fun Factory, and Blondie OWN me.
+ <33333 atreyu,alexisonfire,coheed,thursday,leftovercrack <33333
+ parties are bad for my health.. i get beyond smashed and then do stupid things (like kiss random people/jump off peoples roofs/go swimming/or jump into the river/or throw beer bottles at people when i get angry. oops)
+ so that must mean i have a hit of violence in me.
+ drugs are bad. but kinda good...
+ i like dancing around like a crazy psycho
+ walking around downtown at 5am drunk as fuck with my girllover.
+ yep im cool.
+ ROADRAGE MOTHAFUCKA (i love my girls <3_

bad hygiene - hello, its called a toothbrush, its not that hard to use! ignorance, attention-starved idiots, stupidity, crappy taste, closedminded-ness, liars. racism. haters. immaturity. self-centered. boredom. bad music.

music is my life. punk, emo, ska, screamo, rock, alternative, hardcore. BANDS: a perfect circle. a static lullaby. adema. against me! alexisonfire. afi. all-american rejects. allister. alkaline trio. anti-flag. american hi-fi. ataris. autopilot off. bad religion. blink 182. bombs over providence. bowling for soup. brand new. bright eyes. casualties. the clash. closet monster. chevelle. coheed & cambria. cursive. dashboard confessional. deftones. distillers. disturbed. evanescence. fall out boy. finch. from autumn to ashes. funeral for a friend. glassjaw. greenday. goldfinger. hot hot heat. hot water music. i hate sally. ill nino. in flames. jack off jill. jets to brazil. linkin park. matchbook romance. mest. minor threat. motion city soundtrack. my ruin. my chemical romance. mxpx. new found glory. nirvana. no doubt. NOFX. not by choice. ok go. pennywise. poison the well. rancid. relient k. rise against. rufio. saves the day. senses fail. sevendust. silverchair. silverstein. spitalfield. smile empty soul. something corporate. starting line. stone sour. strokes. sublime. sugarcult. sum 41. switchfoot. system of a down. taking back sunday. taproot. tegan and sara. the ataris. the blood brothers. the early november. the faint. the juliana theory. the starting line. the transplants. the unseen. the used. the vines. three days grace. thrice. thursday. tsunami bomb. weezer. yeah yeah yeahs. lots more.. im just too lazy to type more. =D