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September 2nd, 2005

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03:45 pm - and the cranes fly away
I've been scrupulously avoiding hurricane coverage out of a basic distaste for rubbernecking. It's the same reason I never went to Ground Zero, the same reason I hate the idea of visiting a Third World country: it makes me feel disgusting to watch people in their misery. As a result of this avoidance, I didn't know about the horror that is New Orleans until today.

I came across this today, and despite the number of posts I've seen like this in the past few days, this one got to me. I followed her link to daily kos and have spent the past I don't know how long - two hours? reading CNN, daily kos and interdictor, the Survival in New Orleans blog. Every article I read makes me angrier. Every picture I see makes me want to shoot someone, preferably the fucking Commander in Chief of the most powerful army on the planet who could not get enough National Guardsmen into the city to keep it from erupting into flat-out urban warfare. People were sent to a convention center in New Orleans on Monday and told to wait for buses. They are still waiting. Conditions have deteriorated to Third World levels, and supplies are only arriving today. Today. That's three days after the fact! Yesterday night on Paula Zahn's show, FEMA director Mike Brown denied knowing about the convention center evacuees before yesterday. Apparently he also appeared on Nightline, where Ted Koppel responded to the same statement with, "Do you watch the news?!" [can't find a transcript of this for verification, but I'm looking.]

I've always wanted to visit New Orleans, and I want to go now more than ever. I want to do something, myself, physically, with my hands, to help these people. But since that's not really a rational possibility, my family is donating money. As you may have heard, FEMA is suggesting funds be donated to Pat Robertson's radical right group Operation Blessing. If you prefer to donate to a group that isn't run by a notorious bigot and misogynist, this list contains several organisations that are either nonsectarian or free of proselytisation. It also points out those who are. My family chose to donate to Friends Disaster Service, a Quaker organisation.

This is my plea to you: give whatever you can. Food, money, clothes, blood. This is possibly the worst natural disaster this country has ever seen, and it is being grossly mismanaged.

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