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 things i want to do soon:
go to a nice park with a lot of flowers alone and not be kidnapped, drowned, and/or raped.
put my hair in curlers over night and see if i wake up with head sores
cut and sew and put together hair bows made of silk, chiffon, and other pretty materials
bejewel a pair of shoes with glitter, ribbon, and the small mirrors i found at the store. i can only hope they will be as offensive as i imagine
purchase a warm faux fur coat to wear with aforementioned bows, preferably in cream, ivory, or beige and not 100 dollars and actually real fox fur. thank you value? village.
get a whole lot of chocolate to eat in montreal and stash them in secret compartments so can i forget where they were kept and be inevitably horrified at the melted surprises i find periodically.
!!! go back to jean talon and obtain an obscene amount of delicious polish and french pastries !!!
make friends in montreal that are nice and funny but not intimidating and too fashionable! 

things i did recently
i lost to monopoly twice in a row to my 9 year old sister and stomped away angrily refusing to play another embarrassing round of that heinous game
i made both of my cats wear wizard hats that i had expertly designed and sewn myself. they hadnt been upgraded yet with necessary bedazzlements 
i then made them dance to songs that they liked, they hissed in glee and tapped me with their claws to the beat
i choreographed multiple contemporary pieces to britney spears, the knife, and fuck buttons
i didnt even try to ask my cats to join because they were clearly POOPED OUT from our previous rehearsals
i made pistachio pudding and it was so intriguing, yummy, and vile all at the same time. it was the perfect color though
i twisted my neck from all the heavy dancing i was doing and now i am 65 percent crippled and 40 percent bed ridden (as a result)