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08:33am 01/06/2005
  Made a new journal. Sick of this one. I'll add people and shit once I figure out how to fucking change the colors and all and feel like it. Yeah, rad.  
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Check it.   
02:00pm 08/01/2005

This journal is now friends only.
Comment to be added.
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11:35am 03/01/2005
  Sometimes... I really do convince myself that I'm dying.  
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10:07pm 02/01/2005
  I hate tv. Ghostbusters is on tv right now. I don't hate Ghostbusters. It's not even a contest as to where my loyalties lie.  
Lately, I just feel unnecessary.   
03:14pm 27/12/2004
  It's all about the ex's and oh's.

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01:48am 23/12/2004
  The mirror in the girls bathroom at Interboro now says something like "sam is a cunt and she'll fuck for a dollar". I put it there.

I have work tomorrow.
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A survey of sorts...   
07:20pm 19/12/2004
mood: cold
I'm bored and all, but this is long like Ron Jeremy.
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370. Shit, yo.

Friday- awesome
Saturday- pretty cool
Sunday- lame as fuck
02:25am 18/12/2004
  Don't forget about the "punk rock flea market" tomorrow at the Unitarian, 3-7. They have good shit, check it out.  
01:08am 18/12/2004
  Oh man, what a night.  
12:45pm 14/12/2004
  Yeah, I need some new people to hang with.  
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My cat eats x-mas lights.   
11:46am 13/12/2004
mood: lonely
Long weekend. Friday was the show at the Rotunda.I had a lot of fun. Vat 69 & the Jail Hagz were good, Common Enemy was awesome, Kamikaze Zero was good too, and the Ghouls were great to see, as usual. I met a few new people, and it was a pretty rad night.

And then there was Saturday... Well, fuck Saturday.
12:19pm 10/12/2004
  Free show tonight at the Rotunda.
Call me if you need details.
I'll be there. Fun times. Fuck off.
"You're like Pat Sajack on speed."   
12:12pm 16/11/2004
  Friday, November 19th-

The Ghouls
Void Control
Guns On The Run
The Jail Hagz

@ The Upper Darby ALH
6pm, $8, All Ages
Here we go.   
07:36pm 08/11/2004
  Friday 11/12/04 6pm
@ the Upper Darby ALH

Midnight Creeps
The Ghouls
Global Chaos
Turbo A.C.'s
The Resistoleros
Do they owe us a living? Of course they fucking do!   
09:33pm 07/11/2004
  I'm pretty sick. I hate getting sick cause it take me a while to get better again, and I never really do anything to help it, I just kind of ignore being sick and do whatever I normally do, like get suck in the cold wearing a hoodie. Well, I did stay in tonight though. I guess that's a step towards trying to not be sick. It's just a cold anyway.

Work was good today. 18 bucks in tips, which is great, not too busy at all.. I felt sick this morning so I just sat around and watched horror movies. That's their fault for making me be there so early. And then later in the day it got all nice out and not too cold, so I went out and skated in the parking lot right next to the store til I could finally talk someone into visiting me. Easy enough day, if you ask me.

Somebody gave me a microcassette recorder thing that they used to have for college, and it works okay so that'll be cool to use on Friday. I'm supposed to be interviewing the Ghouls for the zine. Speaking of which...

Friday, November 12th
at the Upper Darby ALH-

The Midnight Creeps
The Ghouls
(and more but I forget who)

People should go. Unless you're going to see World Burns To Death. Thats the only reasonable excuse not to go.

Keep it gangsta.
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12:54pm 30/10/2004
mood: lonely
Fuck, I really need to get out of here.
Dancin' with myself.....   
12:02pm 28/10/2004
mood: annoyed
In the library... boring.

Should be doing a paper, but I'm kind of not.

This weekend's gonna be cool.
05:10pm 19/10/2004
mood: mischievous
Today is Tuesday-
probably going to re-dye my hair, finally.
There were plans of thrift store shopping,
but I don't know what happened to that.

Wednesday- work
♦ Thursday- show at the ALH
♦ Friday- keg party in south philly
♦ Saturday- show at FDR
Sunday- work
Monday & Tuesday- shows I'm not positive I'm going to yet.

Killer weekend if things go as planned. Three days straight of being wasted.

Last night, online shopping, bought myself a fuzzy leopard print flask, a t shirt signed by the adicts, and two skirts. Cool.
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Just go.   
05:36pm 17/10/2004
  Thursday, 10/21 - 6 pm
Upper Darby ALH $7

The Ghouls
The Boils
Whiskey Rebels
Vat 69
American Static

*Edit: The FDR show on saturday is definitely back on.
I'll have your guts for garters, girl.   
05:45pm 15/10/2004
  So I'm not in west philly right now, and probably won't be at all tonight. Bummer and a half.

It's a good thing next weekend (Actually from Thursday to Tuesday, excluding Sunday) will probably be great. At least that's what the makeshift calendar I made today in study hall says. Shows, keggers, who knows what else.

I'm cookin' MC's like a pound of bacon.