Valerie (_zofia) wrote,

Hey girls.

this is mostly for Cass' because she asked for news but if you read this well KOOL! ;)

So i've been really busy lately and ITS NOT BECAUSE of school. its so funny because im in university people expect me to be full busy with homeworks WHICH IS NOT THE CASE. :)

So anyways im busy becuas ei go to alot of shows and i sell merch for 4 bands now.

Like yesterday i went to see my american heart. was so sweet!

anyways tomorrow i have a huge party at luke's place and greg is gonna be there (my one night stand ) so i cant wait. This time im bringin condoms hahahaha

WOUH! other then that nothing.. i party a lot, i drink a lot, i take drugs a lot because im young and i live my life 100%!

so yeah here'S a couple shot of me if people are interested :P

Jeremy took them

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